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Nuurul- Islam marks Maolud Nabiyy in grand style


The celebration of the birth of the prophet Maolud Nabiyy has become a spiritual and social occasion for the Muslims who are inclined to it.

The Proprietor of Nuurul- Islam, Arabic and Islamic Training Centre, Agege, Shaykh Dau’d Alfa Nla Abd’Majeed Eleha said this in an interview with The Guardian.

He noted that there are numerous benefits in the celebration of Maolud Nabiyy but the celebration must not exceed the Quranic injunctions and sayings of the prophet (SAW).

He added that Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) has been widely recognized as the greatest leader the world has ever known in the history of mankind because the Prophet’s life and teachings are the best legacies for mankind.

He urged Nigerian leaders including religious leaders, political leaders, and traditional leaders to imbibe prophet Muhammad leadership traits.

“The prophet (SAW) was literally a man of the people, and accessible to all, rich or poor. In fact, the most vulnerable and weak among the people could always count on him to relieve their burdens. Prophet’s love for others knew no bounds; he embraced all of God’s creation, big and small. He extended kindness to all of creation as the quintessential teaching of religion that he wants his followers to imbibe,” he said.

Abdul Majeed said: “Celebrating the prophet’s birth (SAW) is indicative of people love for him. This is one way of showing love to the prophet”.

He said, “Many of the issues we have termed to be controversial in the religion are not controversial. The confusion we have experienced so far on the legality of Maolud Nabiyy celebration is created by scholars who interpret the Sharia based on their whims without considering the proper modes of interpretation as laid down in the Quran and Sunnah.

“There are so many things we Muslims take against each other. The celebration of the birth of the prophet (SAW) is not what should raise grievances; there are lots of issues that need our attention as Ummah.

“Since Maolud Nabiyy does not go in contradiction with the five pillars of Islam or Islamic doctrine, I don’t see the need for the dispute. What we are supposed to do is to ensure that people do not go astray in the act of celebrating such as drinking alcoholic among others.”

According to him, the historical developments of Muslim religious practices indicate that the prophet did engage in remembering his birthday by fasting on every Mondays and the immediate companions of the Prophet did engage in the practice.

“We can celebrate Maolud by holding special programmes for adherents, where people can learn about the character and life of the Prophet. The lecturer should examine the way he dealt with important moral issues with political and military affairs. And it should also include how he handled challenges, rule and responded to his enemies and friends.

He mentioned the numerous benefits that would be achieved while celebrating the birth of the prophet. “It promotes the spirit of brotherhood and unites the Ummah, It showcases the spiritual accomplishment of the prophet, opportunity to learn about soul touching life of the prophet from different spiritual leaders, an opportunity to deliberate on the way forward and make prayer for the Muslim ummah.

It is on record that the first person to celebrate the birth of the prophet (SAW) after his death was the King al-Muzaffar Abu Sa’id Kawkaburi, the King of Irbil, at the end of the sixth century or the beginning of the seventh century after hijrah and others followed his example. He used to observe the birthday anniversary in Rabi’ al-Awwal and hold a huge celebration on that occasion.

He condemned the act of celebrating Maolud Nabiyy till the month of Ramadan, urging religious organizations to desist from excessiveness in the course of celebrating birth of the prophet.

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