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Peugeot shows off 4008 SUV

By Kingsley Jeremiah
09 September 2016   |   2:10 am
Peugeot has taken advantage of the current trend in the automobile industry to launch its Sport Utility Vehicle, 4008 for the Nigerian market.


Peugeot has taken advantage of the current trend in the automobile industry to launch its Sport Utility Vehicle, 4008 for the Nigerian market.

Expected to incite market segment, especially, those with preference for Peugeot vehicles, the organisation boasted that the SUV offers answer to every questions about off-road and drive capability.

The launch of the 4008 into the market may be another beginning for Peugeot, which was basically known for sedan vehicles particularly at a time when luxury automakers are veering into SUV production.

Distributed in Nigeria by PAN Nigeria with head offfice in Kaduna, the organisation boasted that the all-new 4008 was masterfully crafted to take tough task.

Considering road condition in Nigeria, Peogeot said the 4×4 mode of the 4008 overcomes terrains when the need arises while the two-wheel drive is at home with dry tarmac road.

The 4008 is available with a 2.0 litre engine which delivers 150 brake-horse power. Here, the user has the advantage of fuel economy and at the same time, a powerful engine marched with a continuously variable automatic transmission, CVT, combined with steering wheel paddle-shift controls for driving pleasure.

The 4008 comes hand-in-hand with an interior that is enhanced by the quality of the trim and the materials used such as chrome. Other details like the LED lighting on the side of the glass panoramic roof contribute to the perceive quality of the interior.

The 4008 is fitted with efficient and practical equipment, devised for occupants’ pleasures, safety and driving comfort.

With the 4008, the traditional key has been replaced by an electronic recognition system that simplifies using the 4008. With the identifier still in ones pocket or hand-bag, user could access 4008, start it, and top it simply by pressing the button.

The vehicle can be locked again simply by pressing the button on the front door handle or boot as you leave. There is generous legroom and headroom for all occupants.

The 4008 also offers occupants comforts worthy of the finest saloon cars: numerous storage comportments, automatic air conditioning, a refrigerated glove box, electric windows, quality sound system etc.

The 4008 uses an ESP that incorporate traction control and hill assist functions. The car is also fitted with automatic light illumination based on the exterior level, with fog lights built into the front bumper, Xenon headlamps combined with headlamp washers and an electric attitude correction system that reduces dazzle for other road users.

The 4008 is fitted with seven air bags, ISOFIX, as well as front and rear audio park assist system. The customer can choose from a variety of interior trims.  The 301, 508, Partner and 3008 are other Peugeot models complementing the 4008 on the Nigerian road.

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