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Students displeased with lecturers teaching methodology


University students have expressed displeasure over the teaching style of some lecturers on their various campuses, alleging that they are responsible for the high rate of examination malpractice.

Apart from poor teaching methods, the undergraduates also accused the university teachers of bringing disparity in the system by favouring some students who are willing to play cards with them and hurting others with contrary beliefs.

The students, in a chat with The Guardian on how to end examination malpractice, blamed their teachers for condoning all sorts of ills from their colleagues, maintaining that lecturers are the reason students cheat in the examination.


“They are also the reason some students perform poorly during the examination, as one can only be tested on things he/she has good knowledge of.”

A student from Ekiti State University, who pleaded anonymity, said, “Some lecturers come to class just to drop their course outline, and they won’t come to teach the students and during the examination, these lecturers are the one that would set rigid questions. They give impromptu test without proper tutoring or pre-informing the students to read ahead. They still set tough questions during examinations and students who could not meet up with all these indulge in examination malpractice.


“They would allot a few minutes to questions that will take up to three hours, at the end of the day, they have many students approaching them for ‘sorting.’”

Though they affirmed that laziness among students is a factor as some undergraduates see reading as tedious but found fun in social media. “Also at the end of the day, they leverage on sex –for-mark, and bribery, and most of our gullible lecturers are always willing,” he said.


Another student said, “Inability to assimilate is also a major cause of examination malpractice. Some students find it difficult to learn easily due to poor teaching style, yet they still do not ask questions to the lecturers, they choose malpractice as an option.

“There are instances where tutors failed to deliver the needed lectures as they do not create time for their students, but they are good in setting questions on topics not taught.”


From Rufus Giwa Polytechnic (RUGIPO), another student who didn’t want her name mentioned, said, “Lecturers are the reason students engage in examination malpractice, some lecturers set questions that they can not solve on their own without opening textbooks.”

Another student from Lagos State University (LASU), said, “some lecturers failed to come to class regularly and if they do, they teach without in-depth explanation, which results in poor performance of students and examination malpractice. So lecturers should have enough time to teach everything in their syllabus and also deploy every necessary teaching method to ensure students really understand what is been taught.”


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