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2019 Mandela Day: Remembering Madiba 6 Years After

Mandela, Photo. Twitter

Today, the world is celebrating an icon, Nelson Mandela.

Every 18th of July marks Mandela day and this day brings back the memory of the feats Mandela achieved before his death in 2013.


His Life

Nelson Rolihlala Mandela was the first black head of state in South Africa; however, what distinguished him was his anti-apartheid movement. He fought for the freedom of the blacks during the apartheid regime in South Africa, he went to the prison for this reason and this was what imprinted his name in the sands of time.

Mandela served as the President in South Africa from 1994 to 1999, making him the first black president.

His Books

Mandela has also written some books which detail his life stories, these books include: the popular Long walk to freedom written in, 1994, Conversations with myself, 2010.

There are also some books published posthumously about Nelson Mandela’s experience in prison. This include; The Prison Letters of Nelson Mandela and Nelson Mandela’s favourite Folk Tale.

Nelson Mandela quotes

Nelson’s Quote from Twitter

His Quotes

Here are some comments from people about life from Mandela; These comments are taken from twitter:

Nelson Mandela was an extraordinary global advocate for dignity & equality. He exemplified courage, compassion and commitment to freedom, peace & social justice. On Mandela day, let’s remember Madiba’s life, embrace his legacy and aspire to emulate his example: Antonio Guterres.

There are more words that could describe Nelson Mandela than there are stars in the sky. Let’s always remember to live by his actions and try to make every day a Mandela day 2019: Jaja Bash.

“It is easy to break down and destroy. The heroes are those who make peace and build.” Mandela’s words resonate as strong today as ever. Mandela day 2019: UN GENEVA.

It is fair to say Mandela has inspired a lot of people through his life, actions, quotes and books which has made it possible for us all to still celebrate him years after his death.

Happy Mandela Day.

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