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5 Business Enterprises That May Experience Shutdown During Coronavirus Outbreak

It is not debatable that many businesses may be affected amid the coronavirus, while some will experience an increase in sales, some will have to shut down completely.

The Special Adviser to Governor Sanwo-Olu on Tourism, Arts and Culture, Mr Solomon Saanu Bonu, released a statement that further affects some businesses, especially those focused on lifestyle and entertainment.

Our international and local tourists should stay away from clubs, beaches, event centres, and parties as directed by Mr. Governor in his address to Lagosians.


Most businesses that cater to the daily lifestyle needs of people have been held down by the virus as most of their services include people’s relationships. Social-distancing and self-isolation will hinder these services from being rendered.

Below are some businesses that are affected by the coronavirus outbreak:

Event Planning
Apparently, events are being cancelled. If there are no events to be planned, there will be no business. The train of businesses attached to event planning is more than one. Businesses such as Master of Ceremony, Rentals, Decorators, and so many more will be affected one there are no events. This chain of businesses will be shut down.

The instruction says people should maintain social distance, hence, places like cinemas will have no one patronising. This means business shut down as their services cannot be done online. In a film house, there are other businesses such as ice cream vendors, food vendors which will also take the hit from coronavirus outbreak.

Except there are options for online deliveries, it will be difficult for restaurants to thrive. When people are in isolation, they will have no reason to step out and patronise these businesses and this means low sales. Also, suppliers of raw materials for restaurants will be affected, hence, it is low sales or no sales for these set of people.

There has been a release by the federal government that clubs be closed till the end of the virus outbreak. This means no sales until the virus dies down. In this case, every vendor that works with clubhouses which include DJs will also be affected by this shutdown.

Recreation centres
All recreation centres are shut down as human interactions and physical touch can be dangerous at this period. Beaches, children hangouts, adult hangouts are out of bound to people right now. It has been advised to stay at home at this period and maintain social distance as much as possible.

Social distancing is advisable at this period and if you are confused as to what you can achieve this period, take your time and find out things that will be pleasurable and will also help develop your intellects at this period. The key clause is to stay at home and be safe.

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