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5 Different Types of Toxic People: Which Are You?

Naturally as humans, we all have the capacity to be toxic and draining to the people around us without even realising it.

One way to point out this trait is to look inward and think through the possible traits you exhibit. This may not be an easy process but, understanding what each toxic trait means or stand for is one way to begin.

The Narcissist

If all you think about is yourself and don’t bother about the next person, you are most likely a Narcissist. Having to think you are better than everyone around you and lack empathy towards the feelings of other people, basically, puts you in this category.

Drama Magnet                           

This set of people always find wrong. And, once a problem is solved, another one seems to automatically emerge. Such people tend to only seek your empathy, sympathy and support–but never your advice. In a relationship, for instance, drama magnets are victims and thrive in a crisis because it makes them feel important.


The Compulsive Liar

When it comes to lies, this category of people finds it easy to handle. They are often fond of manipulating others and guilt tripping their prey.

The Controller

“The Controller” tries every way possible to make sure they are in charge of everything. Often times, they make others around them seem as though they are incapable of contributing to a conversation, for instance, or pose as the only one capable of making a decision.

The Energy Vampire

Nowadays, in a relationship or friendship of any sort, it is advisable to take a walk the moment it is obvious the amount of energy you give is more than what you receive. However, if reverse is the case, it means you take delight in feeding off negativity, bullying your partner and always ready to criticise.

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