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5 Easy To Pull Off Graphic Eyeliner Looks

The graphic eyeliner is one makeup trend that has become increasingly popular since its first debut on the runway. This is because it allows you to express your creativity, adding a cool, sophisticated yet dramatic effect to any makeup look.

Graphic eyeliners are a break from the regular eyeshadow and cut crease looks, giving you a new way to spice up your eye makeup look.

Graphic eyeliner looks are not for the faint of the heart; they could range from soft feathered strokes to intricately detailed designs, all of which are bound to capture the attention of anyone you come across.


These are 5 detailed graphic eyeliner ideas that would help you with inspiration for your next eye makeup look:

Emerald Green Eyeliner
For those who love the colour green and want their makeup to remain in touch with nature, the emerald green graphic eyeliner look would be a perfect fit for you. This open-ended shape graphic eyeliner look is quite easy to pull off. The only trick to pulling this look off is to connect your lines smoothly by using light-handed strokes.
Start drawing from the inner corner of your lash line and gently work your way outward. At the outer corner of your eye, extend the line upwards in the shape of a wing and work your way back inwards to the inner corner o your eye. Stop just before you reach the inner corner of your eye, making sure to not connect the two ends.

Graphic Yellow Pop
Like with the colour green, yellow is another great colour for an eye makeup look, and it is particularly flattering on dark skin tones. The graphic yellow pop look can be considered as a minimal yet extra addition to a light natural face beat.
To pull this off, your eyes have to be kept open at all times, to let you figure out where to start the upper crease. Use a skinny brush of cream liner to draw a round line from the inside edge of your eye out, just above the crease of your eyes. At the outer corner of your eye, draw the crease down to form a wing and half-way across your lash line.

Bold and Blue
While thinking of graphic liner colours, the electric blue hue adds a modern effect to any face beat. This look resembles a smoky eyeshadow look, but instead of black, blue is used as the main colour, and it is only placed at the crease.
This look should be pulled off using a small pointed lip brush and cream liner. Start by drawing a thick line from your lash line to the crease of your eye and buff it out. Finally, create a triangular wing with the tip of the brush for the final effect.

Subtle Dots
A break from the norm of graphic liners, subtle dots are another great graphic eyeliner look. The ease of pulling off this look makes it a top graphic liner look for many.
To create this look, all you have to do is draw one or two small dots just below your lash line. These dots should be in-line with your pupil for an even more dramatic effect. Finish up with a small triangular wing at the end of each eye and some mascara.

Open-Ended Liner
For a sophisticated yet straightforward graphic eyeliner look, play with the width of the line. Use a felt-tip pen for the top lash line to make the line a lot thicker and go light and thinner on the wing. Draw it back up above the crease of your eye, making sure to end at the mid-point of your eye. Be slow and gentle with your strokes instead of trying to complete it with only one try.

Eye makeup looks are fun to create when you move away from the norm. One tip to help you create the perfect graphic eyeliner look is to decide on the liner shape you want to create then start drawing it out. Statement eye looks give you a full creative license, and you can never go wrong with graphic eyeliner.

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