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5 Foods That Can Boost Your Mood

5 Foods That Can Boost Your Mood

Not only does a healthy diet help control your waistline, but smarter food choices may also help ward off symptoms of depression. Some foods are helpful in lifting the mood.

It is as easy as it reads when you have the right food. You are down, take some of these foods, chew on them and you feel better. It is healthy to take some of these foods that taking medicines.


Apart from lifting your moods, they are equally healthy for you. The way that food interacts in our bodies to support or reduce health is highly complex.

Below are some meals to consider when down according to Everyday Health:

Fish is one healthy food that can help fight depression, according to research published in January 2014 in The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition. Fish plays a role in many traditional regional diets, such as the Mediterranean, Norwegian, and Japanese diets, that have been studied and recommended for their anti-depressive benefits. Try eating a 3-ounce serving of fish two or three times a week.

The more fruit you eat, the lower your risk of depression, according to a review of research examining the correlation between fruit and vegetable consumption and depression. The results of the data analysis appeared in September 2015 in the journal Nutrition. Fruit is rich in vitamins, minerals, and micronutrients, making it a great food to indulge in when you want a sweet sensation.


Eat a wide array of vegetables, with lots of leafy greens and high-fiber root vegetables. The same research analysis that linked higher fruit intake with reduced depression risk suggested that eating more vegetables correlates with the same outcome. When you’re feeling blue, a carrot might be the last thing on your mind, but the variety of vitamins and minerals in vegetables, as well as their fiber content, may help protect you against low mood and depression.

Hot Cocoa
Research published in May 2013 in the Journal of Psychopharmacology looked at the mood and cognitive benefits of having a chocolate drink every day for a month. Chocolate contains a type of antioxidant called polyphenols, which are thought to boost mood. According to the research, those who took more of cocoa were calm and have a greater mood boost.

A cup of caffeinated coffee could boost your mood, both short and long term. On a short-term basis, the caffeine provides an immediate pick-me-up and can provide a social mood boost if you’re at a coffee bar.

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