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5 Headdresses You Should Own

Styling our hair can sometimes be time-consuming and most times come off as total mess when the necessary tools are not available to accessorise the hair. However, headdresses have been put in place to solve our seasonal hair problems and still look fashionable.

Headdresses are one of the oldest forms of fashion. The headdresses range from Turbans, scarves, and hats e.t.c. infusing varieties of headdresses in our daily wear is sure to complete the outfit.


Turbans come in different styles. It comes in a scarf and cap form, nevertheless, both do justice to any outfit it is paired with. A Turban can be paired with a gown or a pair of tees and jeans. Turbans give an outfit an Arabian look and also give the outfit an out of the ordinary creative look.

Gele is the typical traditional finish look to every worn aso ebi for owambe [party]. Geles are very fashionable, they come in various fabrics and adorn the head. A well-tied gele would stand out in a crowd of people at any event. Gele could be paired with a native attire and also a plain English wear such as a jumpsuit, gown or a peplum top and skirt.

Scarves can add a strong element of style to a person’s outfit, especially when they introduce color to an otherwise bland outfit. As another headdress, a scarf comes in various colors, sizes, and designs. Scarves help to compliment an outfit. , and beautifully conceals whatever hair mess that lies on the head. A scarf can be tied into various styles to preferred taste.

Imputing a hat in an outfit gives the outfit, a classic look. One unique feature of hats is that it can be paired with suits and every other outfit. This is one feature most headdresses do not possess. Hats come in different types suitable for certain wears. like the rattan hat suitable for beach wears, the bowler hat suitable for wedding wear and corporate wears, e.t.c.

Face cap
A face cap is the easiest to wear headdress. This headdress doesn’t require a certain type of outfit to be paired with as long as the outfit falls under casual wear. A face cap is ready to wear headdress any time, any day.

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