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7 Ways to Break Up With Someone Like a Boss

…And mean it. some relationships are bound to end, for countless reasons. It could be infidelity, lack of compatibility or the love isn’t just there anymore. When the moment comes, two things happen; either you have to do it, or your partner does.

How do you break up like an adult, without having your dirty laundry go viral, especially if you intend to date a lot of people? How do you leave the relationship with your dignity intact, and the other person less vindictive?

Don’t delay: Don’t be too fast either. If you know that the break up is inevitable, pick a perfect time and end it.
Don’t use the word ‘space’: Keep away from such vagueness, know what you want and tell your soon to be ex-partner. Don’t leave the person hanging in-between with false hope and don’t put the pressure of pretence on yourself.

Couple. Photo:Peace ben Williams Blog

(Wo) man up: You have to face the music yourself, don’t delegate your break up duties to a friend or family. It is less authentic that way.

Stay broken: Seriously, if you are going to close that chapter of your life, for both your sakes, keep it so. Know and accept that you are ending the relationship and the best thing to do, is to have your feet out, not somewhere in between.

Don’t offer to be there for them: As much as you would hate to see them hurting, they can’t get over you if you’re still in the picture. Don’t be their support system of soundboard; don’t bring them their favourite food or film.

Treat yourself: Pause on the (wo)man up, baby down a bit and treat yourself with some comfort food, spa, and shopping. Despite the fact that you are the one doing the breaking, a part of you will still be chipped.

Plan your future without the person: Rearrange your life goals, think of the things you could do now and be better at since the other party is out of the picture.

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