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81-Year-Old Man Charged With Killing Secret Male Lover In Violent Sex Game

Alan Bischof charged with killing lover Craig LaMell | Image: Daily Mail

An 81-year-old married man has been charged with killing his secret male lover during a sadomasochistic sex game gone wrong.


Alan Bischof was charged for felony aggravated assault over the death of lover Craig LaMell, 65, who died almost a month after claiming he had been attacked by several strangers near his home in Houston, Texas.

Bischof and LaMell, 65, were lovers who had a sexual relationship involving sadomasochistic behaviour, which involves deriving sexual gratification from both sadism and masochism.

LaMell died on December 2, 2019, from severe head injuries that he received on November 7, 2019. Before his death, he told police that he was walking near a bike trail in Houston when he was attacked by “unknown” three men.

However, a break in the case came in April when Bischof retired from his job at a multinational oil company and company officials found personal emails on his office computer that revealed that he and LaMell were lovers and had been engaging in sadomasochistic love play when LaMell was injured, according to court records.

In one of the emails, Bischof reportedly wrote “that leading up to and on the day of the initial assault, November 7, 2019, LaMell had requested Bischof to assault him”, according to KPRC.

Court documents revealed that “Bischof did assault the decedent by punching him with his fists until a large cut opened up over the decedent’s eye which was bleeding profusely”.

During police interviews, he said that “everything in the letter was correct” — and that they had mutually planned the brutal beating “for several weeks” beforehand, New York Post reports.

Bischof was charged with aggravated assault of a family member because of their relationship. He was released on $50,000 bond.

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