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A Beginner’s Guide To Wearing Makeup Like A Pro

Looking at makeup tutorials on YouTube can be both exasperating and inspiring because it may leave you wondering how creative ladies manage to look so “on fleek” when winged eyeliner seems to defy all effort. Don’t worry. We have some tried and true ways to make your limited experience and talent work for you.

The Essentials

Great makeup starts with the supplies. When shopping for makeup essentials, keep in mind that expensive products aren’t always the best for you. Keep your options (and your wallet) open and you might just find pleasant surprises. Test every powder, foundation and concealer palette on the skin at the side of your neck to find the shade truest to your skin colour.

The Priming

Start your makeup routine with a freshly washed, toned and moisturised face, after which you can put on a primer. This keeps your makeup in place and makes sure everything goes on smoothly. Exfoliate your lips and apply lip balm or moisturiser for soft, pliable lips.




Brow pencils should be applied with a light, feathery hand, following the line of the brows for a natural look. You can also try to use a brow filler for a fuller, less “drawn in” look.


Apply a light shade of eyeshadow close to your fairest skin tone as a base so that other colours can pop. The basic guide to putting on eyeshadow is to apply a dark shade on the outer eye, a neutral or bright shade of the same colour on the middle of the eyelid, and a light, shimmery shade on the inner eyelid. Blend the eyelid crease with a nude shade to bring the look together and accentuate the waterline with a white shadow.


Who doesn’t love a sharp, winged liner? If you can’t draw with the precision of an architect, fake it by putting a small section of tape in the direction of the wing as a guide. Just draw, fill in and remove the tape.


For fuller, longer lashes, let the first coat dry (or apply a light coat of powder) and then apply a second coat.


Apply makeup under white light and invest in a good beauty blender. Foundation goes on first, applied in dots around your face and then blended in thoroughly. After that, apply concealer in a triangle under your eyes or use it to cover blemishes and spots. Dust a light coat of bronzer in a “3-shape” on your face—the sides of the forehead in a curve down to the apples of your cheeks and then the sides of the chin—for a sun-kissed, dewy look.


Line your lips with a lighter shade of pencil of the same palette as the lipstick, for those with thin lips, or a darker shade for a less plump look, and then fill in with lipstick. Make lipstick last by dabbing a light coat of concealer on the lips before applying makeup.

The Finish

Setting spray makes all your effort stay in place, forestalling the need to reapply during the course of your day. There, you are ready to take on the world and look effortless while doing so.


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