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Amazing Benefits Of Milk On Skin

Milk contains calcium which gives you strong white teeth, strong bones and repairs strong tissue says a popular commercial in the 90s. The importance of milk cannot be overstated. The emphasis to drink milk has been undertaken by various western countries and has featured celebrities like the tennis stars, the Williams sisters family, to encourage people to drink milk.

The Williams Girls Advertising For MilkPEP. Photo credit: Pinterest

Milk does not only do good to your health, it can also be used as a beauty regime.

In ancient times, the rich took a milk bath using donkey milk (donkey milk makes the best cheese) to revitalize their ageing skin. It is said that Queen Cleopatra’s had over 7,000 donkeys milked daily for her milk bath and that contributed to her beautiful skin and youth. Apart from the skin, milk contains properties which are also good for the hair.


Check out some of the benefits:

Smoothens: This is perhaps the most common of them all. Milk contains lipids which smoothen out the fine lines and wrinkles leaving your skin smooth and soft.

Natural Moisturiser: Raw milk has proteins that can help hydrate your flaky and dry skin while the fat moisturises your face.

Facial cleanser: Instead of using your drugstore facial cleansers, you can switch to raw milk. It gently cleanses your skin while opening your pores.

Lightens the skin: Contains high lactic acid concentration which helps to get rid of pigmented skin and fades dark spots.

The simple trick is to live it in your face for up to 10 minutes or more to enjoy soft and visibly brighter skin.

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