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Are you in love or Obsessed? Take this quiz to find out!

Love is perhaps one of the most complicated topics of all time. Most people can describe being in love at some point in their lifespan, as like many other animal species, humans crave companionship.

Finding a steady partner often proves to be quite strenuous as we are constantly falling in and out of love and we are forced to confront feelings of confusion, heartbreak, betrayal and fulfilment.

Mass media doesn’t help matters when it comes to the portrayal of love in pop culture. If you look around you might find that the depiction of love on TV, in films and music videos is somewhat skewed as it is generally rooted in ideas of infatuation, lust and obsession.  With all the dramatic notions built around the idea of love, we sometimes lose sight of what a healthy, realistic relationship should be. In the spirit of summer, we have put together a quiz to guide you.

Are you in love or simply obsessed? Let’s find out!


After dating someone for a short time, how do you feel about them?

A You need or can’t live without them

B You are enjoying getting to know them and feeling a chemistry

C You’re feeling an attraction but nothing serious


What attracts you to them?

A Everything

B Who he or she is as a person

C His or her appearance


When you’re around them, what do you feel?

A Euphoric, even relieved

B In a good mood

C Sexually aroused


When you’re not with him/her, how do you feel?

A Like checking their social media, calling and messaging them constantly

B You miss them but get on with other things

C You start noticing other people


How well do you know each other?

A You don’t know them that well

B You know each other equally well

C You’re not so interested in their life


When you are out and about together, do you?

A Sometimes accuse them of flirting/staring at the opposite sex?

B Hold hands?

C You don’t believe in public intimacy?


Would you say he/she is flawless?

A Yes, they are perfect

B No, of course not and their flaws annoy me

C I don’t know any of their flaws yet


Could you imagine life without him?

A I can’t remember how I went through life before I met him or her I’ve known him my whole life and I never want that to change

B Yeah sure, but I’d rather make it work

C Yes, this isn’t long-term for me


Mostly As

Possessive, dependent and unrealistic, you fit the profile of obsessive. This is not a basis for a healthy relationship. Now is a good time to take a step back and ask yourself why you are so needy?


Mostly Bs

It sounds like you are falling in love but not losing yourself in your relationship.  This is the best position to be in. Keep it healthy.


Mostly Cs

You’re not obsessed. You’re not even in love, you’re in lust!  That’s not a bad thing but if you want a more meaningful relationship you will have to show more interest in the other person and invest emotionally.




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