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Are You Really Beautiful?

A lot of times, the world tells us, both directly and indirectly, not to be happy with ourselves if we do not fit certain beauty standards. We see these minimalist minimalising comments everywhere on TV, in movies, on social media and even in advertisements making us crave societal acceptance based on what the media feeds us.

Lupita Nyong’o. Photo: Photo Bucket

But beauty isn’t only one look, shape, race, hair texture or colour; it comes in an endless amount of forms.

When you feel low or the weight of other people’s expectations feels heavier than normal, or when it seems like you cannot escape society’s perceptions of what you should be as a woman, say this loud and clear: “My natural is beautiful.” Say it before you open Twitter or Instagram. Say it before you leave home in the morning. Repeat it as often as necessary. You are beautiful exactly as you are.

Let’s start with your hair. Those kinks you try to straighten into submission every month are not accidental. The coils, the curves, the sharp corners and the ropy feel of it are tailored to your unique needs. There is no other head of hair on Earth like yours. Your kinky hair grows up into a crown, not down and around your ears, because of the hot climes of your ancestry.

And if you choose to straighten your hair, that is your choice. You are not diminished by it and you are no less beautiful. Ensure that you are doing it for the right reasons and not because of pressure from society or your peers.

Photo: Affinity Magazine

Now, look at your skin. No matter the colour, it is beautiful. What else would you call the vessel that enfolds all of your genius and uniqueness? Don’t be caught up in the politics of the world about what colour is most acceptable. Accept yourself first and they will follow suit.

They will come for your shape too. They’ll say you’re too thin to be a real woman or you’re too fat to be desirable. The funny thing is that the world has not decided what the ideal standard of beauty is. Why would you believe them when they cannot make up their own minds? You are your own beautiful. Believe it and own it!

The world will resent your confidence because they don’t understand why you are so sure of your worth. Let them. Go on to break the glass ceiling in your profession. Ace every test, break records, win prizes, be the best at everything you do. Start that business that they said you couldn’t do because you are a woman. Reach for the stars.

Remember, your natural is beautiful. Be it your natural looks, your intellect, your charisma, your style or skills. You are wonderful at everything you do.

Eku Edewor. Photo credit: Instagram

You might wonder why you need to remind yourself of this repeatedly. You need to believe it and never forget it because circumstances will conspire to make you feel smaller than you really are. They might tell you that you’re too young or too old to be what you are. They might say it’s not proper or it’s unusual. Do it anyway.

You are beautiful, is that really a surprise?

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