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Five Ways To Remedy Dry Skin

Itchy, dry skin can be quite annoying and doesn’t look good, especially when you have to scratch yourself all the time. The weather is changing, especially for those who are back from the holidays and the change may be taking a toll on your skin. During this period, caring for your skin is absolutely necessary and there are many ways to take care of your skin during and after bathing. We have listed five of them below:

Be wary of too-hot showers

Hot water is not very good for your skin. It takes all the moisture and oil away from your skin, leaving it dry and parched. Even if it were freezing cold, avoid taking long showers with hot water. Instead, opt for warm water. Also, showers or baths that last more than 15 minutes tend to make your skin drier.

Pat yourself dry

Many people make the mistake of vigorously rubbing the body dry. That’s harmful for your skin. Use a dry towel to pat yourself dry. Doing this will help your skin retain moisture, unlike rubbing it which dries off all the moisture.


No bubble baths

Bubble baths can be amazing and soothing. However, it can leave your skin stripped of all the oils it needs. Instead of going for a bubble bath, opt for baths with oatmeal or milk powder that will leave the oils on your skin intact. Bath oil can also leave your skin hydrated.

Shave properly

Not shaving safely or making mistakes while shaving can lead to skin problems from ingrown hairs and bumps that refuse to heal to dry and itchy skin. Those with experience say that you should shave in the direction of your hair growth for safe shaving. Whether you’re shaving with a stick, clipper or cream, end with a moisturising shaving gel to protect your skin and prevent those post-shaving skin problems we do dread. Look for one that contains aloe and essential oils.


This is the most important step. End all bathing rituals by moisturising your body. No matter the season, always moisturise. Skipping this bit will leave you with dry skin and we don’t want that. Properly moisturised skin also looks amazing and healthy. So hit the cosmetic market and pick your favourite moisturising lotion to use at all times.

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