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Why You Should Use Activated Charcoal

Activated charcoal is a fine black powder made from wood or other materials that have been subjected to a high temperature with no air. It is then heated to increase its absorbing power by reheating with an oxidising gas or other chemicals to break it into a very fine powder.

Whitens teeth
Charcoal helps remove teeth stains which you might have gotten from drinking coffee or eating greasy foods. It whitens teeth by adsorbing plaque and microscopic tidbits that from the teeth. Use two to three times per week.

Treat alcohol poisoning
When taken, activated charcoal can alleviate upsets from the acidity of alcohol and could prevent hangovers.

Glowing skin
Activated charcoal treats skin conditions like rashes when applied to the skin over time.

Face mask
Activated charcoal blended with honey and water and applied to the face can exfoliate the dead cells and open up the pores.

Activated charcoal as a face mask. Photo Credit: ytimg

Digestive cleanse
Activated charcoal can be used to cleanse the system. Take 10 grams 90 minutes prior to each meal, for two days. Be sure to drink enough water during this period, and also eat lots of greens.

Due to its cleansing effect, activated charcoal benefits major organs by helping the body flush out the toxins and chemicals that cause the damage. These toxins tend to age the human system faster, but the cleansing effect of the activated charcoal detoxifies and reduces the ageing effect.

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