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Blaqbonez Weighs In On M.I And Vector’s Beef, Talks About His Number 2

Self-acclaimed Nigerian rapper, Blaqbonez in a recent interview with Linda Ikeji TV’s show, On Air has weighed in on the ongoing rap between two rap giants, MI Abaga and Vector.

The Chocolate City signee also reiterated his claim to the title of the Best Rapper in Africa as well as why he believes this strongly.

Explaining his stance on being the best rapper in Africa, he says:

“It’s based on quality, it doesn’t have anything to do with achievement… The best doesn’t have to be the most popular. Put me in the studio with any of these guys and I’ll come out as the best.”

On who he believes comes close to him as the second-best rapper in Africa, he has this to say:

“It’s far oh. It’s difficult because most of them they just seem like they’re all in that same space. They’re all competing for number two, so it’s close. Depending on how I feel on that day, I’ll decide who my number two is.”

Sharing his thoughts about the beef between Chocolate City boss M.I and former signee, Vector, Blaqbonez alleges that Vector threw the first punch when he threw shade at MI in the first rap that introduced him to the world. Blaqbonez said:

“I personally think it (the beef) has gone from the first stage. Like MI said in his song, the first song Vector got popping with, there was a line at MI.

“He said ‘can I kill MI?’ He also referred to the fact that he’s short.”

MI Abaga and Vector

MI Abaga and Vector | Photo – Pulse

Blaqbonez also reiterated his position as the number one rapper in Africa, then added that MI once held that spot before him and, as such, it was disrespectful of Vector to shade him when MI had done nothing to him.

“If I’m the top guy in the game, undisputed, MI was like the top guy at some point,” Blaqbonez said.

When asked if this means MI is no longer the “top guy, he replied:

No, at that time, MI was undisputedly the top guy. He was the popping guy. He was the number one in anything you could talk about when it comes to rap.

“So, if somebody new is coming and the first verse we hear from the person is sort of mentioning your name, not in a respectful way, I understand that it’s fair to have a problem with that person.

“Like you’ve not even done anything and you’re already disrespecting me, do you understand? So, I think from then on, there’s been a little bit of friction.

“MI has probably worked with almost every rapper in Nigeria over the years, him and Vector have never worked together. So, I feel like, it’s always been there but it’s never been out in the open like it is now.

“And Vector to me is a very competitive person. I feel like he sees MI as.. you know.. like he’s coming out and there’s a top dog I need to kill to become the top dog.”

The 23-year-old rapper further explained that when you push someone, you can’t dictate to them how to react. According to him, Vector already pushed MI and it is understandable that MI hit back. He added that there are several ways to get to the top and Vector didn’t go about it the right way.

He also opined that he doesn’t think MI and Vector will ever be friends considering the animosity between them but he believes they will move on from their beef.


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