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Breakdown Of Falz “Curriculum” Video Highlighting Major Themes In “Moral Instruction” Album

Barely one week after Falz released his socially conscious album titled “Moral Instruction” he has followed it up with a video he titled “The Curriculum” and it features appearances from the likes of Olumide Owuru, Ini Dima-Okojie, Bollylomo, Nancy Isime and more.

The video is set in a secondary school and much like Aesop’s fables where animals were used to represent human beings and their behaviours, students were used to paint a picture of what was going on in the society.


The introductory scenes show a male student being dropped off in school and we follow him into the school where we see students treating each other terribly pointing back to the lyrics of his song which emphasizes how Nigerians don’t care enough about one another.

Subsequent scenes show students meeting in the Night armed and performing some sort of ritual which we decode to be referring to the growing presence of ritualists and the ‘get rich by any means’ mentality that is rotting the society.

Next, we are shown some sort of morning assembly where students are gathered to elect members of their student body (prefects) and there are only two candidates, this is, of course, trying to depict the Nigerian political scene where ruling parties present candidates and the others are seen as non-existent. In the middle of their makeshift election, a group of radical students interrupt the proceedings to cause trouble and disrupt the process, this is still trying to show the level of insecurity and the prevalence of election rigging and tampering of votes in Nigerian elections.

We then see a disgruntled student writing a list of offenders with obvious intent to report them to the authorities and then we see the guilty party begging him to look the other way and this scene is pointing to the decay in the legal system and the presence of lobbying with lawmakers along with the supposed ‘watchdogs’. But the difference is that the individual in the artistes video wasn’t listening to any pleas or supplication.

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