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Bro Code: The Ripple Effect Of Bovi’s Viral Prank

There’s a thin line between a joke, prank and simply exposing the details of sacred codes – Bro Codes, and yes, Sis Codes – that are better left unsaid, especially in a relationship.

These unwritten codes act as an unseen guide to individuals in different forms of relationships and thus dictates how and what to do and say, and when those things can happen.

Essentially, Bro/Sis Codes are a way of life! 


What is the bro/sis code?

Unfortunately, Bro Codes/Sis Codes are not universal. In a lot of cases, they are shaped by the morals and values shared by the people who are in common relationships. This makes them subjective and relative in nature. Many often say that these codes are subtle reminders to each person in the friend circle, squad or clique of where their loyalties lie.

In some instances, it simply is when you cover up your friend’s tracks especially when he or she is off doing something that needs to be kept a secret from ‘non-members’ of the bro circle. 

For instance, there is this really beautiful human you are attracted to (i.e you have a crush on) and you just want to go out on a [harmless] date with this person but wouldn’t want the love of your life to find out; your bros and sis are the first people your significant other will patronize in other to know your whereabouts (should in case you are unreachable at the time). 

During this time, the bro/sis codes state you MUST at all times be on your friend’s side, defend the territory at all cost! Your bros and sis are always the best allies!

Even if your significant other may have doubts as to whatever your bros or sis says (it’s only natural he or she does; we are humans), there’s still some level of tension easing at that moment which makes you not dwell on the “what ifs”.

Another great instance of these sacred codes has to be – do not date your friend’s EX. That’s a big NO, sing it into cupid’s ears and be arrow-proof in order to withstand its deadly shots. Keep your dealings outside the circle; the circle isn’t for recycling.


The Bovi Prank That Exposed The Bro Code And All Its Sacredness

 On Thursday, September 19 while everyone was looking forward to the weekend, Nigerian comedian Bovi was gearing up to prank his friends. 

Bovi, who is popularly known for his in-depth, original and sometimes expensive jokes, took to Twitter to share a video of himself and his beautiful wife, Kris, playing a prank on a friend of his, named “Muhammed” (assuming that’s truly his name). 

Kris was shown asking Muhammed for the whereabouts of his friend, her husband (who was right beside her). As a true “Bro” that Muhammed is, he said “He will call you in 2 minutes… Going towards him”, even though the human being defended was on the other end of the line choking on some good laughter. Probably the height of Bovi’s numerous mischiefs.

Muhammed did the only logical thing any bro would or should do afterwards- call your fellow BRO! The long and short of it simply shows a side to Muhammed’s loyalty towards his friend(s); zero snitching.

Despite this show off being a prank and apparently the first part to about eight others according to Bovi, many Nigerians found it rather unsettling. Especially, the menfolk.


The Ripple Effect Of Bovi’s Prank

Jokes are all fun and games until it backfires.

Bovi’s prank on his friend may have already had some effects that the comedian himself, his wife and Muhammed are not aware of. 

1.   Muhammed has presumably entered Bovi’s wife’s book of liars. Will she ever believe Muhammed again? After all, he has lied to cover for Bovi before.

2. The impression in [1] stated above sways both ways; if his friend(s) could conveniently lie on his behalf, it means he does the same for them, which makes him a liar too. These are mere presumptions. (farabalẹ!).

3. Other friends might be sceptical henceforth when it comes to covering up his loopholes sighted by his wife, just so they don’t get caught in the middle. It can be really dramatic to be used to settle wars between two lovebirds. Dem go knack your head for wall and matter go settle for bedroom. Beware.

4.  Ever heard of the story of the [wo]man that cried wolf? Well, Bovi might be crying wolf henceforth. In other words, now that his friends know the extent to which his jokes can go, it might be hard to tell when he is ACTUALLY in dire need of their help to uphold the Bro Code.

Ultimately, it is a big risk to put your friends on the line especially in public. 

The good part to all of this is the fact that regardless of how exposed these codes now seem, it still remains valid and useful.

However, it is also good to always bear in mind that the internet never forgets, like the Twitter Nigeria community always mention every now and then.


DISCLAIMER: This article is in no way promoting or supporting any form of promiscuity or infidelity.

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