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BusyBee Sisters: Making A Bee-line For Greatness

Ademide and Monjola Bodunde

Ademide and Monjola Bodunde | Photo – Adewumi Adisa Studios

Bees are known for their industrious nature. They work hard to set up their hives. “Busy bee” is a phrase that references this phenomenon to a person who is busy working meticulously to get his/her chores done. It makes perfect senses therefore that sisters Monjola and Ademide Bodunde will go by the name BusyBee Sisters.

It is not often you come across siblings pursuing the same dreams and even when you do, it is very rare to have them so young. Monjola and Ademide Bodunde (BusyBee Sisters), eight and four-year-old respectively are two sisters that not only share a common passion but are pursuing it relentlessly.


Although they both have an affinity for comedy and enjoy making skits together, they also share their differences. While Ademide is outspoken, Monjola, on the other hand, chooses her words carefully.

Arguably Nigeria’s youngest skit makers, the children who reside in the UK have worked with comedian Mr Macaroni and award-winning child actress/model Diana Egwatu.

In this chat with The Guardian Life, the BusyBee Sisters talk about their love for skit making, influences, creative process and more.

Did your love for skit making start at the same time or one was influenced by the other?
Ademide brought up the idea when she was only two-years-old and influenced Monjola. At the time, Ademide said: ‘Monjola please let us start YouTube videos because I’m funny.’ It took three weeks to get our parents to say yes and that was how we started.

What inspires your art?
The situation around us, such as politics, relationship, attitudes and other social-cultural facets of life, particularly as it affects Nigeria and Africa.

BusyBee Sisters

BusyBee Sisters | Photo – Adewumi Adisa Studios

Does the skit making, acting, fashion and other things you do affect school?
No, and this is because our parents are real African parents who do not joke with education and they are both from Ekiti state so it doesn’t.

How have your parents contributed to the growth of your careers so far?
They have been supportive and helpful. We are registered under Spotlight UK, we have a drama teacher and have also registered with a noble kids casting agency in the UK, Ology Kids Casting. We couldn’t have gotten this far without their support.

Explain your creative process? 
Monjola writes and gives to someone to review before acting them out. Ademide’s acting comes from what she does or says at home sometimes, so we make it a skit for her by recreating it

As young people exploring your talents so early, how do you balance pursuing it alongside maintaining childhood? 
It does not affect us at all because those who are close to our family know our mummy has strict routines for us when it comes to what we do daily.

Ademide Bodunde

Ademide Bodunde | Photo – Adewumi Adisa Studios

Do you have top shots in the entertainment industry you both look up to?
Ademide wants to be the best child comedian in Africa, so she is looking up to Taaooma and Ojo. While Monjola wants to inspire the world and she looks up to Chimamanda Adichie and Fela Durotoye.

Is there anyone you would like to work with?
Ademide will like to work with Samuel Asubiojo (Samspedy) and Apaokagi Maryam (Taaooma). She believes they are naughty and she also is naughty. Lastly, she hopes when Funke Akindele gets married in Jennifer’s Diary, she will love to be her daughter.

Monjola hopes to work with Fela Durotoye and Chiamanda Ngozi Adichie.

Monjola Bodunde

Monjola Bodunde | Photo – Adewumi Adisa Studios

If there is one thing you would like to change about Nigeria, what would that be?
We want to have a Nigeria with equality, where the rich do not oppress the poor. We want a Nigeria with a stable power supply and unlimited internet connection.

As Nigerian skit makers residing outside the country, how do you hope to infiltrate the Nigerian competitive entertainment industry?
We believe that when you have the talent and you don’t give up on yourself, they will look for you wherever you are when your time comes.

What’s that unique factor you believe sets you apart from everyone else? 
We are the best version of ourselves and we try not to imitate anyone.
NB This interview was done with the help of their parents.

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