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Camarii Speaks On Being Inspired By Lil Wayne

Camarii Speaks On Being Inspired By Lil Wayne

Born in Los Angeles, rapper Camarii began his career in Inglewood, a hyper-vibrant hip-hop landscape. Camarii’s emergence on the music side didn’t come as a surprise to anyone who knows him.


He was greatly inspired by ace rappers like Lil Wayne, Drake among others, and began his on and off when these artists were still fully in control of the rap game.

In this interview with Soltesh Iyere, Camarii has announced he’s on a cause to becoming one of the leaders in the rap game with his unreleased songs schedule for this year and next.

Hey! Camarii Tell us about you
I go by the name Camarii, I’m from Los Angeles California, Inglewood to be exact. I became interested in rapping from artists such and Lil Wayne, Drake, and Lil Baby. I come to take the world by surprise by adding the lifestyle I live into my music. I was born October 12, 1987, and I’m considered an unbalanced Libra.

Has living the life of a full-time musician come naturally to you, or has there been a bit of a learning curve?
Full-time musician come naturally because I don’t live a regular lifestyle. It makes rapping much easier to put the life I live on beats. I’m a student of the game I’ve learned a lot but I am also still in the process of learning.

When did you start writing music?
I actually started writing music on and off around the time when Lil Wayne era was in full effect. His flow was just unmatchable, very motivational, he talked about many things I can relate to in my life.

Moving from the events of last year and into 2021, and then writing songs during that period, how did the events of last year influence your songwriting process, if they did at all?
The events from last year which is quarantine and the COVID-19 pandemic stage didn’t really influence much but I will admit it kept me writing in the studio because less time out partying and clubbing.

At the moment, what kind of artists, from America are you listening to and being inspired by?
Inspired by the goats which are in my eyes. Drake, Lil Baby, Tory Lanez, Lil Wayne. It doesn’t get much inspirational than those artists I mentioned.

When you’re listening to beats what stands out? Is there anything you are looking for or is it just how it makes you feel?
When it comes to picking and listening to beats, I look at it like the beats give a vibe that you just feel. It’s like the beats are talking to me and I go by the feeling, the vibe. Different vibes create different song types.

Any festivals lined up for the fall?
Nothing this fall but the beginning of 2022 is a new year and hopefully, we will be past this COVID hold-up.

What can we expect from Camarii before the end of 2021?
Before the year is up, you can expect my name to ring more bells. Expect for me to make some noise really soon. I have songs that I have yet to release and I’m excited about what is coming.

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