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Care For your Hair With These Simple Methods

The saying, a woman’s hair is her pride, is still valid even in today’s society. Irrespective of whether your hair is natural or chemically relaxed, these tips will give your hair the enviable look you’ve always wanted and help to maintain its super glow:

1.Do not shampoo your hair every time you get into the shower. This is because it strips the hair of the essential oils that are needed for your hair to keep it soft. Condition instead. Conditioning your hair regularly helps retain the protein that has been lost over time. Don’t forget to use cold water on your hair when washing off the conditioner and shampoo. Using cold water prevents the hair from losing moisture.

2.Hair oils should be your best friend. There are several hair products that contain natural hair-friendly oils. Some of these oils are avocados, coconut oil, and almond and jojoba oils. Applying them to your hair weekly will make your hair look healthy, full, conditioned and silky.

Avocado Oil. Photo credit: Organic Authority

3.Although it is a myth that regular trimming makes your hair grow, trimming your hair once in a while makes your hair look healthy and gets rid of your hairs weak tips.

4.In a previous post, we talked about how using a silk pillowcase is best for hair. Silky pillowcases help retain moisture in the hair, are anti-absorbent and prevents your hair from getting tangled.

Silk Pillowcase. Photo credit:

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