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It’s Sickening The Corruption And Laxity In Police Force – Clarence Peters’ Girlfriend Speaks On His Detainment

Clarence Peters, Jennifer and Kodak

Clarence Peters, Jennifer and Kodak

Yesterday, we reported that popular Nigerian music video director Clarence Peters has been detained by the Lagos State Police Command for questioning.

His detainment is in relation to the sudden death of video vixen and choreographer Love Divine, popularly known as Kodak.


Speaking out about this development, Jennifer the longtime girlfriend of the music video director has expressed her displeasure saying the Nigerian police force is “destroying people’s reputation.”

In a lengthy Instagram post, she cleared the air about Peters’ arrest saying he was invited for questioning and not arrested. She also made it known that he was also “not charged with murder as stated by the press statement from the police command through their spokesperson Bala Elkana.”

She goes on to add that they have chosen to keep quiet until an autopsy result is released before addressing the press. She writes:

“On Friday 2nd of May, 2020 an investigative team led by IPO, MR. POPOOLA, after the on-scene investigation was done, the body visited at the morgue, came to a conclusion they had no case with CLARENCE PETERS(who was not on the scene of incident) SEGUN the business manager, the 4 dancers and two other members of staff of CAPITAL DREAMS PICTURES, (all referred to as witnesses), that it was a NATURAL ACCIDENT. He wrote his report to that effect. Events took a different turn when The DCP- YETUNDE LONGE, came in and asked that the report be torn, he wrote a second one that she tore again. By the third report, then came in MR. OYE and his father Sir Shina Peters and she couldn’t continue with her foul play. She agreed they had NO CASE with him and the rest of the witnesses. “So why are u still holding him..” everyone asked, she said she was waiting for the autopsy result so she can attach it. When she saw she had been caught, she sent them to put out a press statement that he was charged for murder. So thinking Nigerians, can someone be “CHARGED” without an autopsy conducted?

Jennifer who has been dating Peters for fourteen years says the only reason he has chosen to stay silent on the issue is that he chose to be law-abiding but his image is being tarnished.

Jennifer in her post also alleges that Alonge said that if Peters “was an ordinary person she would have let him go but because he and his parents are celebrities that is why.”


Urging the public seeking answers to Kodak’s death, Jennifer asked that the police force be asked questions rather than ignorantly believing lies on blogs.

She wrote:

“This is how people mIslead the ALREADY IGNORANT PUBLIC. Giving people a reason to form NEGATIVE opinions and I see people who I thought had sense making SNIDE remarks? You want to know how we landed here, it was all your commenting. So kudos to the blogs and YOU ESPECIALLY, the ignorant lot. An educative or informative post be put up, you won’t see comments. When Dangote truck killed three of my aunts at once, there was no uproar. Then a NATURAL ACCIDENT will occur, u say it was MURDER!”

Her post also encourages her man to stay strong because the current woes shall pass.

Peters was said to have been working on an isolated shot with Kodak shortly before her death and others present at his house that day have all been detained by the police.

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