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Telling African Stories Through Media

“Whoever controls the media, controls the mind, whoever controls the media images, controls culture” –Jim Morrison and Allen Ginsberg

From time, the media has been responsible for building perspectives and opinions in every society. As we live in a post colonial setting like many other countries in Africa, we are faced with media systems that are greatly influenced by the west and many are beginning to ask who is really telling the African story?

While a few years back, we were quite limited to national channels and DSTV, if you were lucky! The introduction of media platforms such as Iroko TV, Ndani TV and Red TV has created a way for many more to come.

There has been a recent over flow of media that strive to represent Nigerians by telling our own stories.  On February 24th Arcadia mobile TV launched a media platform, which is aimed at closing two gaps. “Firstly affordable content for Africans, Nigerians first and create a sustainable creative industry in film and music.” Says the CEO, Akintunde Marinho. Most importantly, he emphasises the need for Africans to tell our stories, “from our own point of view”.

Guardian Life had a chat with Marinho on his intentions behind the creation of Arcadia Mobile TV.

What prompted the creation of Arcadia Mobile TV?

Arcadia Mobile Tv was created to close two gaps- Firstly affordable content for Africans, Nigerians first and create a sustainable creative industry in film and music (content in general), to tell African stories and our history and culture from our point of view.

What does company aim achieve and how is it different from other media platforms?

Create an enabling environment for content developers and creatives a platform to showcase and monetize their content.

How would you describe the media culture currently in Nigeria?

The media culture is growing in Nigeria we have started to pay attention to the kind of stories we tell and also the quality of the productions. it is now time to  dig deeper and tell more compelling stories as we have a very rich cultural history and this shouldn’t be forgotten but showcased for the world to see.

What manner is the African story predominantly being told?

African stories are being told by non-Africans and also always from a subjective point of view rather than an objectivity point of view.

Would you say that Africans are being represented fairly in the media?

Africans have not being represented fairly in media throughout history media have always show that Africans are the oppressed race of people that have not added value to the world. Africans on the other hand are now realizing that we need to tell our stories and impact, our discoveries to the world with films like ” Hidden figures” Africans are beginning to get a sense of pride and this all begins from knowing who we are and telling those stories to the world.

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