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Unconventional Father’s Day Gifts

We have decided to draw a circle outside the box to help your gifting process for this special day with this list of unique gifts just for him!


Vinyl Turntable

As much as Daddy loves technology, he is vey much in tune with the young man he used to be and getting him a vinyl turntable will make him youthful at heart when he decides to play some of his old music. Watching his eyes twinkle doing this will be so rewarding. Scoring this might be daunting and that is what makes it the present of the year. Be sure to also get him some vintage records of his favourite artists and throw in some Motown classics. You will be getting an A for effort here. You can order the Fluance High Fidelity Vinyl Turntable off for N78,300.

Pocket Watch

As much as your dad loves his old leather wrist watch, he knows he will be the life of the party when he uses his pocket watch to tell the time in the midst of his friends, colleauges and at parties. This reitirates how much of an old soul he is to his friends and to himself. He might have issues setting it up so make sure you take time out to keep his old school swag on lock down by setting it up effectively. It is also a very stylish way to go about town and right now with the rise of gadgets and accessories for the youths, Daddy needs all the brownie points he can get. We have our eyes on the Greenwich St. James – Gold Mechanical Double Hunter Pocket Watch from for N56,368

Country Club

Nothing says Daddy’s day out like a retreat to the country club with his fellas with an agenda of playing golf, lawn tennis, swimming and talking by the bar like being a member of a country club. We know what you are thinking of, he should have one already. In the case that Daddy didn’t beat you to that, put your ears down and your eye out for the most exclusive country clubs about town. In Lagos you can check out the Ikoyi Club, Yoruba Tennis Club, Lagos Lawn Tennis Club and a whole lot more that are underground. The membership fee will create a dent in your bank account but this can cover you for a couple of years in the gifting department.



Nothing screams unique like making your own signature cologne! We know perfumes are quite the traditional gift but trust us when we recommend Le Labo fragrances. Handpicking your own fragrance can be the most intimate experience of your life and Daddy will notice this, as you pick out your own ingredients to make your scent and have a bottle freshly made for you. No matter how expensive the perfume might be, nobody likes sharing the same scent and this will make him stand apart and proud from the crowd. Choose your signature fragrance from, price on request.


Japanese Whisky

Not everyday scotch, sometimes whip out something foreign and different. Every dad has a stash of liquor that has been set aside for special occasions and they usually are very expensive and Japanese whisky is pretty much the most expensive type you can buy. We recommend the Hakushu Single Malt Whisky which is definitely going to be the favourite in his stash and will be brought out with pride. The Hakushu is a fresh and gently smoky single malt whisky with herbal notes and the best part is the fact that it is 12-year-old whisky, the older the better!! You can snag a bottle for N34,900 via

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