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Defining Your Curl Pattern

By Tariemi Oreoritse
05 September 2021   |   9:00 am
Hey girl, it’s a new week again. Are you going to tie your hair into that boring bun? Now, this is no hate for buns worldwide, but as a woman of colour with curly or kinky hair, your options may seem limited to the high bun and the low bun. That’s why you need to…

Defining Your Curl Pattern

Hey girl, it’s a new week again. Are you going to tie your hair into that boring bun?

Now, this is no hate for buns worldwide, but as a woman of colour with curly or kinky hair, your options may seem limited to the high bun and the low bun. That’s why you need to explore the world of curl defining.

Of course, awesomeness doesn’t come easy, but you will be a few steps closer to getting fluffy, healthy, bouncy curls with this article.

Knowing Your Hair Type
Before we start, let’s take a few moments to appreciate the goodness that is our hair. Hair comes in different types, and based on shape, we have the following;
1. Type 1: Kinky hair
2. Type 2: Curly hair
3. Type 3: Wavy hair
4. Type 4: Straight hair

Each hair type has its peculiarities and special tips for care, but one thing runs true for all hair types; with a little styling, you can switch up your entire appearance and look brand new!

How to Get Defined Curls at Home
There are many ways to get the job done, each method with its advantages and disadvantages. Depending on the method used, your curls may come out looking a bit different, so you need to practise a lot.

To get perfect curls, you need to try one or two ways and see which one is easiest and gives you the prettiest results.

Let’s look at the different ways to get defined curls right at home:
How to Get Defined Curls
1. Twist Outs
Of course, sitting at the top of the list is every black woman’s go-to hairstyle; the twist outs. These are pretty easy to achieve, but to a beginner, it may seem tedious. Here is how to attain cute twist outs without hassle.
● Wash your hair- you need to get all the dirt out because it can prevent your hair from curling properly or make your twists look dry and dead.
● Comb thoroughly- pass a wide-toothed comb through your hair, starting from the ends and moving towards the roots. Carefully detangle your hair. Make sure you aren’t using too much force else; you’ll lose some hair.
● Partition- after combing through, divide your hair into sections, just how you’ll twist them. The size of the segments depends on the density of your hair and how tiny you want your curls.
● Comb again- now go through each segment with a smaller toothed comb, start at the tip and move towards the scalp, like before—the freer the strands, the better the curls.
● Deep condition- hair care is an essential part of styling. Keep your strands hydrated by wetting your hair with conditioner. This also makes it pliable and easy to manipulate.
● Twist! – finally, take those segments and wrap with tightly around each other. You can use a little holding product to keep the curls for longer. There are many ways to make your twists, and each of them gives a slightly different result. Try out different methods of twisting and braiding.

2. Bantu Knots
Another great style idea is this! Bantu knots are awesome and stylish. The best part? They can be worn anywhere and look pretty chic! Making Bantu knots is similar to twist outs, so we’ll just cut to the chase.
● Wash and condition your hair
● Comb thoroughly
● Divide into sections
● Comb each section again
● Knot! -now, to each section, you want to wrap it against itself like a screw, bringing the ends very close to your scalp and firmly tucked in. The knots should have some grip but not be too tight. With these unique knots, it is important not to touch the knot while it’s drying.
● Wrap your hair up overnight, and the job is done! However, if you’re caught in the morning rush, you can blow dry your hair. Try not to do this too often because it wastes all that moisture.

3. Flexi Rods
If you have long hair or you want to achieve curls of different sizes, a Flexi rod is an answer. These super-flexible rods (as the name suggests) help you get well-defined curls overnight. The plus side is that you can regulate the width of each curl by changing the size of the rods. You can also change the curl’s shape by wrapping the turns a little closer or farther apart.
Using Flexi rods follows the same pattern as Bantu knots and twist outs, only that this time you’re curling the strands around a Flexi rod.
● Shingling method
This method results in the best and most defined curls ever. What’s more? It doesn’t require any heat. However, if you dislike using many products, this method may not be for you.

To achieve perfectly ‘shingled’ hair, wash your hair as usual and deep condition. After that, detangle and separate into four parts. Next, you want to apply a curling cream to your hair while it’s still wet. Ensure that the cream goes in thoroughly, massage it in, and curl a few tips around your fingers for extra effects.
When your hair is dry, fluff it out with an afro comb to get that carefree bounce.
● Using a curling wand
Say, for example, you want a specific curl that can’t be achieved by twisting and turning. The best option is to get a curling wand and bend your hair to will.

With a curling wand, you can decide to curl just the ends of your hair or make the top voluminous like in a pixie cut. Either way, you’re good!

However, using a curling wand makes your hair prone to frizz and dryness because of its heat. Avoid this by prepping your hair properly and applying a suitable hair oil or sheen afterwards.

Getting your curls to last all week long might be another feat, but remember this; the tinier the curls, the longer they last.

The bigger and bolder kind are subject to gravity and might deflate soon. A good curl definer should keep you going and waxing strong all week.

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