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Easter Fitness Comeback Tips

It was four days of overindulgence, little to no exercise, Easter treats and lots of chocolate. Although the long weekend has come to an end, you may have some leftover treats. It’s also feeling very hard to stick to those goals you set at the beginning of the year. The best way to combat the treats you may have had during the holiday is to get your heartbeat racing. So, grab a friend or family member; it’s time to shake off those Easter indulgences and get moving!


So, how do you get back on track after this holiday and stay fit?

Get rid of the treats

Healthy high-fibre foods. Photo_ Best Health Magazine Canada

You know that leftover chocolate stash you saved for late night snacks? Give it out or throw it away. If you think it’s a waste to throw it away, eating all that junk food will also make all the work you’ve been putting in so far a waste. It’s time to start afresh.

Don’t skip meals

Just because you overindulged over Easter doesn’t mean you should try and make up for it by skipping meals. Doing this usually leads to overeating. Instead of starving yourself because you feel you’ve put on weight, get into a good routine with regular healthy meals. Eat mindfully, taking note of your food portions and taking your time to enjoy each bite of your meal.

Running buddies. Photo_ Madison365

Eat a balanced diet

You may have eaten all the Easter eggs and Sunday rice that you may have come across. However, this doesn’t mean that you should starve yourself or go on a strict diet where you only take those detox, lose-weight-quick products. Return to healthy eating patterns with a balanced, varied diet. This includes wholegrain cereals, grains and lots of fresh fruit and vegetables.

Snack healthily

If you are feeling peckish, opt for healthy snacks such as fruit salads, vegetables sticks with hummus and yoghurt instead of treats you may regret eating later. Fill your fridge with healthy options and take some snacks with you when you leave the house.

Running partners. Photo_ Shoppe Black

Don’t give up on your goals

If you had fitness resolutions at the beginning of the year and somehow failed to meet them along the way, don’t be discouraged. You can always continue. Find fun ways to get some physical activity into your routine every day. It’s amazing for your physical and mental health and it will help to burn off some of those Easter indulgences, so you can feel extra good about yourself.

Keep a diary

To be accountable for eating healthy and getting back on track after Easter, it’s a good idea to keep a food diary for at least two to three weeks. Writing down what you eat automatically makes you more mindful of it. Think of it, no one wants to write down that they wrote two kilograms of chocolate.

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