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Eat Your Water Today!

The human body is made up of mostly water and experts say the human body needs to consume at least eight glasses of water to stay healthy. This might seem like a difficult task on most days but the good news is that you don’t need to drink all that water daily.


It’s possible to get up to 30% of your hydrating needs from foods that have a high concentration. Here are some of those foods.

  • Watermelon

Diced Watermelons/ Credit: Pintrest

As the name suggests, watermelons are made up of 92% water. They are wonderful thirst quenchers and their salt, calcium and magnesium make them perfect for rehydration.

  • Cucumber


These green vegetables are the kings of hydration packing a water content of 96%. They also contain Vitamin K and Iron which are great for blood cells and circulation.

  • Tomatoes


Beyond their multiple uses in cooking, tomatoes are fruits with a 94% water content which are rich in vitamin C, biotin, molybdenum and vitamin K.

  • Green Cabbage

The green cabbage has a 93% water content and is very rich in fibre which aids digestion and bowel movements. It also contains a healthy dose of potassium, folate and copper.

  • Green Peppers

Green bell peppers/ Wudi Foods: Photo Credit

All the types of bell peppers have varying levels of high water content but the green peppers take the prize for being the highest at 94%. These peppers are high in antioxidants which are great for a healthy heart.

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