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Erotic Weight Gainer Eats 10,000 Calories Per Day To Entertain OnlyFans Followers

Bryan Gainer Bull | Image: Instagram/gainer_bull

A man who weighs 500lb (227kg) has revealed he has to eat around 10,000 calories a day to maintain his massive tummy which excites his OnlyFan followers.

Bryan, 44, who goes by the name Gainer Bull, began gaining weight more than 20 years ago and started ‘bulking up’ his stomach. Now, he has found a lucrative niche within the fat fetish community, Metro UK reports.


The 44-year-old, from Palm Beach, Florida, explained his weight gain turned sexual as a teenager as he began to realize being bigger added to his arousal.

Speaking to Metro, he said his ‘loading sessions’, which he shares with his followers, involve him eating four times the standard amount of calories for an adult male and come at great expense.

In order to maintain his bulking, he decided to create an OnlyFans account in order to make money from doing what he loves.

On a typical day, he will eat 10,000 calories or more but says weight gain does not come easily to him.

Bryan Gainer Bull | Image: Instagram/gainer_bull

He often has followers encouraging him to eat more to see how much weight he can add on.

He said: “It’s been years of escalating my intake and binging to increase my capacity but these days just the regular eating keeps me going though sometimes an encourager or two like to really push me to go much farther.”

The 500lb erotic weight gainer has posted on his OnlyFans account more than 1,000 times and subscribers pay $20 a month for his content.

Bryan beforel | Image: Instagram/gainer_bull

He also has a significant following on Instagram, where he shares regular updates on the progress of his ever-growing stomach to more than 7,700 followers.

In order to feel full, Bryan has to eat three large combo meals and at least three sides.

And it’s not just his diet that is affected, Gainer Bull also struggles to find clothes which perfectly fit his arms and his large stomach – having outgrown size 3XL.

But Bryan is also aware of the health problems associated with extreme weight gain and tries to eat a balanced diet of junk food and fruit and vegetables.

He said: ‘It’s a challenge but it’s important to understand the risks involved with becoming such an extreme level of huge.’

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