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Events That Usher In The Nigerian Christmas Spirit

It is amazing to know that a season, and not the condition of one’s affairs, can really influence the mood of people all over the world. In different continents, a lot of people revere Christmas season so much that they dedicate a lot of time buying Christmas-themed products.

Like the snow during winter, these noticeable signs usher in Christmas in Nigeria:


Fireworks, popularly known as banger, have become a part and parcel of Christmas. You can’t help but notice the triumphant look on the faces of kids who have saved the whole year to buy fireworks and the epic reactions from your parents when it is thrown at them. Although fireworks have their different brands and peculiarities, the average Nigerian uses its sound to distinguish all. These banger sounds range from one sound to 10 sounds. There is also the bomb banger and the main fireworks that go up in the sky and explodes in bright colours.

People excited at the fireworks. Photo credit: Hudson Valley One


You can just smell it. Like freshly cut grass, harmattan has a scent that comes with it. The dry and dusty air and the weather (sometimes hot, sometimes chilly) that doesn’t seem to make up its mind. Harmattan is the usually the first sign that Christmas is coming.


Red and Green Hints

You can’t miss it. The man walking down the road, the hawker with his red tiara hat, your neighbour’s green and red decorated gate, the office design and hints, your church’s decoration, the ushers… Everyone becomes suddenly interested in red and green.

Lady In Green And Red. Photo credit: Pinterest

Fuel Queues

Dear fuel, we know you make a conscious effort to ruin all the fun we’ve planned to have this season but we won’t allow it. Cause them to increase our transport fare; we will own the situation and network and seal deals at fuel stations because we are Nigerians, we are like that.


Christmas means bonuses, unending promotions, free food vouchers, non-stop carols and partying.

Moment of love

Christmas activates Nigerians love for one another. This is the season where most people do things just to put a smile on ones face. It is the season where a simple Merry Christmas with a smile full of warmth can brighten your day.

Black Family Opening Christmas Presents. Photo credit: Video Blocks

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