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Entertainment: What I’ve Been Watching and Listening To


Captain America: Civil War

captain america

You know how movie trailers tend to hype movies and then you watch it and just feel meh? Yeah, that didn’t happen with this one. I was a bit hesitant about watching Captain America Civil War because a lot of people who had seen it were calling it “Avengers 2.5” and saying it wasn’t that great. Thank God I decided to shun it all and see this one because this movie is EVERYTHING! Yes, they brought the Avengers in and everything, but the story line was never lost. You can still tell this entire story is about Captain Rogers and his obsession with his friend Bucky. I’ll admit it started a bit slow for me, but that’s just because I’m not really one for drama. Once again, Marvel brought their A game. If you’re still wondering if you should go see it or not, stop. It’s going to be worth it.

Fada Fada – Phyno ft. Olamide

fada fada phyno x olamide

I’ve never been apologetic or quiet about how much I love Phyno and Olamide together. They are brilliant, and ‘Fada Fada’ is just another reason why they need to hurry up and become a legit group. The video itself is pretty simplistic, but very well directed. I mean, how far do you really want to go with a song that’s mostly just giving thanks to God? I actually really love how the video takes us from one scene to the other effortlessly, and blends it with cuts from Phyno’s concerts. And the dancers! OMG, the dancers gave me life! The chemistry between these two musical giants is undeniable though. Look at Olamide speaking Igbo and twirling that white hanky!

Pray For Me – Darey

darey pray for me

We all loved this song to pieces when it dropped last year and I cannot express how I glad I was when he finally released the video last week. I’ve watched it over and again simply because. It’s a beautiful video that, simply put, visually tells the story of the song. Expected, yes. But still beautiful. I have to point out though that they could have done a little more to tell his story of struggling in the city. I mean, did he not write to his family for four years simply because his bus to the city broke down? They could have used the time they used to show the national geographic montage to stretch the story further. The Soweto Gospel choir was looking might fly as well.


Klitoris – Brymo

brymo klitoris

We’ve already established that Brymo is a brilliant artiste. Needless to say, his new album dropped simply to reinforce his position in the music industry. Although there was a lot of buzz around the controversial album title, all my doubts have been cleared. As you may have already guessed, the album has quite a number of love songs. However, there are also songs about social consciousness and growth. I love that the album has a sort of old school soul vibe to it; it is soul, but you can still groove to it. Also, if you listen closely, you’ll spot one or two songs that flow into each other. A personal favourite is ‘The Girl from New York’ – even though it’s only a little over a minute long. This album, like most from this artiste, is for days when I just want to relax and feel good.

New Era – Kiss Daniel


Nigeria demanded the young singer find a new sound, and he answered. Listening to the album, I got a strong sense of Kiss Daniels trying to find himself and his unique sound. Personally, this album isn’t for me but I will admit it has its strong points. In as much as he threw in the mandatory club hits, there are some songs that aren’t your typical “club/dance music”. ‘Give Into’ in particular is a very soothing song, and Kudi is one interesting song I feel like will need a video to really make the song better. Maybe it’s just me, but some songs didn’t really feel like they blended well. I will definitely need more listens to get into this one. One thing I don’t understand though is why the album has 20 songs.

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