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Sharon Ojong Defines Her Style And The Evolution Of Style In Nigeria

We all know Sharon Ojong, if you don’t? well now you do. With the uprising of stylists, fashion consultants in Nigeria today, she is indeed a force to reckon with. Sharon is a fashion and style vlogger, Editor In Chief of , she is a TV producer for Spice TV Africa, Magazine editor for Glam Africa UK. .

Her style has intrigued me and most captivating thing of all, are the personalities she gets to play with each and every piece she decides to wear.

Style has always been an issue in Nigeria, it’s really hard to define your style with the growing fashion trends and right now, Nigeria is moving in that direction where people would define their style and eventually define the market not the other way round.

Sharon Ojong

This denim outfit is to die for

So here is the interview with Sharon, I loved her answers, light toned, genuine and really just telling it as it is.

Introduce Yourself

My full name is Rekana Sharon Ojong. I was born, bred, buttered and schooled in Calabar. I moved to Lagos in 2009 and since then have been involved in the fashion and entertainment industries.

How Would You Define Your Style?

My style is very versatile. It’s an evolving mix of who I am, where I am headed, what I do and how I feel. . It changes daily and the only thing constant is my expression. I can’t say it is classy, edgy, daring bla bla bla. Because tomorrow I can feel like being very conservative.


So Obviously Your Style Is Unique, What Influences It?

My style is influenced by everything around me. Nature, love, friends, work and the opportunity to express myself however I like.


What Would You Advice People On Identifying Their Style?

-Be Yourself
-Be Yourself
-Just be yourself and express yourself

How Would You Say Style Has Evolved In Nigeria?

First of all style is personal. I think people’s style have evolved since African fashion has started getting international recognition. Nigerians are beginning to make their own trends.

Which Names Would You Say Helped In The Evolution Of Style In Nigeria?

That’s a very long list. But one person I can say who has been consistent with his eclectic style over the years is Denrele. I’m not saying dress up like Denrele. All I’m saying is find what makes you confident and comfortable and stick to it.

Sharon Ojong

Growing In The Media, What Were The Challenges Faced?

People want the best results for free or very cheap. They want to look like Beyonce but don’t have the money to even look like Maheeda who barely wears nothing.

What Do Local Brands Need To Do More To Contest With International Designers?

Raise their standards
Pay attention to details and finish.
Quality over popularity
Invest time and patience in their brands

How Do You Think Local Designers Can Add More Options To The Mainstream Pool Of Fashion And Style In Nigeria Today?

As much as fashion production is one of, if not the most challenging issues the industry faces, producing more pieces/collections and distributing them wisely can push aside mainstream fashion.

unnamed-2 copy

In The Next Five Years, Where Do You See The Nigerian Fashion Industry?

In the next five years I would love to see Nigerian designers have stand-alone runway shows season after season.
I would love to see more buyers in these runway shows and of course international media attention.

Advice To Upcoming Media Personalities, Creatives, Stylists, etc

First you need GOD. Without God, your plans will fail. Then you need to be ready to learn. Keep your eyes, nose, mouth, ears and hands open to criticism, ideas, suggestions, assignments and be ready to pay your dues.

Sharon Ojong


I love to see ladies of substance with their A-Game on fleek

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