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Five Illnesses You Didn’t Know Sex Could Cure

Sex is a pleasurable act that is good for your relationship or helps to bring intimacy between partners but out of the bounds of Orgasm, having sex has its health perks. Sex is actually a cardiovascular exercise in itself and can help prevent one too many sicknesses.

Here are a few:

Man and woman

Kills depression

Apart from the fact that orgasm naturally makes you happy, scientifically, the chemicals released during sex give a calming effect on your body. The sperm contains serotonin which when released gives an antidepressant effect on the woman.

Arrests heart attacks

Most times, people think that with the pounding effect that accompanies sex, it is very easy to have a heart attack. This is not entirely true because sex is good for your heart. In the fitfam term, a round of sex is the same as you walking a mile and for women; the increased level of estrogen released helps combat heart-related diseases.

Anti-aging formula

This is not just about the glow that comes from sex which makes you look happy and ten years younger. While engaged in the act, there is a release of bête endorphins which helps to protect the collagen of your skin. And because oxytocin which lowers your stress level is also released, you always get to look a year younger.


Sex is a beautiful substitute for painkillers because it triggers the release of endorphins, which is the body’s natural painkillers and this can reduce or even eliminate headaches completely.


Of course, this is quite obvious. With the movement of joints that occurs during sex, people that suffer from the pain of arthritis can find relief. Sex produces a good amount of cortisone to the body and this reduces inflammation which is the cause of joint pain.

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