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Five Monuments Around The World Dedicated To Women

Women have demonstrated time and time again that they are not the weaker sex that many see them as. From those that played a key role during the World Wars to those who fought for their countries, women have been strong as or even stronger than their male counterparts in other critical ways and at crucial times.

From around the world here are some of the most interesting monuments dedicated to amazing women of history.

Moremi Statue

Statue of Moremi. Photo: Clement Ogoh

Moremi was a beautiful and intelligent Yoruba heroine who liberated her people from slave invaders. This statue was built to immortalise her. At about 42 feet, the Moremi statue is the tallest statue in Nigeria. The iconic monument is one worth seeing whenever you visit Ile- Ife, Osun State. There are a number of stairs to climb before getting to the statue which is decorated by beautiful potted plants.

Queen Sheba’s Tomb

Queen Bilikisu Sungbo Resting Place, Oke-Eri, Ogun State

According to Christianity, Queen Sheba was a wise woman who, on a quest for wisdom, left her kingdom to visit King Solomon. She went with spices, camels and precious stones after she heard of how wise he was. This tale has quite many interpretations from different religions and cultures. But, the Ijebu-Ode people strongly believe that she was laid to rest in Oke-Ekiri where her monument lies. The tomb of Queen Sheba or Bilikisu is located in Oke-Ekiri, Ijebu-Ode in Ogun State, Nigeria.


Victoria Memorial Statue

Queen Victoria’s Memorial. Photo: Royal Parks

Victoria Memorial Statue is located right opposite Buckingham Palace in London. This statue is dedicated to Queen Victoria who is the longest ruling British Monarch. It is an absolutely stunning statue which has a winged victory gold sculpture at the top. Most people sit here to get a nice view of the Buckingham Palace and also experience the changing of guards’ ceremony. It is also a good place for photos.

Joan of Arc

France, Paris, la statue de Jeanne d’Arc à la Place des Pyramides

Joan of Arc is a young martyr and a very important figure in the French history. Also known as the “Maid of New Orleans”, she led the French army in a momentous victory against the English during the Hundred Years’ War. The statue is a gilded bronze equestrian of her holding a banner. The Joan of Arc Statue is located in Place des Pyramides in Paris.

National Women’s Monument

National Women’s Monument. Photo: Vroue monument

The National Women’s Monument or the Vrouemonument in Bloemfontein, South Africa was built and dedicated to about 27,000 martyr women who died in the British concentration camps during the Boer War. The purpose of this monument is to remind people of the women and children that suffered and died during the war.

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