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Five Secret Uses of Coconut Oil You Didn’t Know About

The coconut oil is one of the longest surviving oils, from the time when our mothers used it as a glow product till today where it is included in soaps and lotion. This topical gift is never to be overestimated.

This beauty treats all, is extracted from the kernel of matured coconuts comes with its own fragrance and the promise of a long shelf life as it has tremendous beauty benefits.

Here is what it does:

A great lip balm

Woman biting her natural pink lips. Photo Kamdora

The Nigerian weather has a way of cracking your lips, treat chapped lips with a daily application and get the best soft lips ever.

A good makeup remover

Kill two birds with one stone with this oil. We all know the importance of going to bed barefaced; the coconut oil cuts off through makeup effortlessly and treats your skin while you sleep.

Weaken wrinkles

Yes, the coconut oil serves as an anti-aging formula with the treatment it gives to your skin which includes exfoliation and moisturization. The oil goes into your skin and attracts protein molecules which aid the timely repair of worn out tissues in the inner layer of the skin, leaving it to wrinkle free.

Soft lips. Photo: Pinterest

Treat dandruff

Consistent use of the coconut oil on your hair not only banishes split ends but sees to it that your scalp is dandruff free. Massage a generous amount of the coconut oil into your scalp before shampooing to remove those dry white patches.

Clean makeup brushes

Aside from using water and anti-bacterial soaps, coconut oil also serves as an effortless cleaner.

The surprising benefits of coconut oil cannot be overstated, following these simple and effortless routines, you can look beautiful at the cost of almost nothing.

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