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Five Things That May Be Causing You Back Pain

A lot of people take care of certain parts of the body while neglecting other parts. The body is a system and should be taken care of as a whole. The back is the lumbar region which begins in the lower rib cage.

80 per cent of adults suffer from back pain at some point in their lives and symptoms could be a dull pain or a sharp throb.

Sometimes back pain can start suddenly without warning but certain habits, activity or inactivity can cause back pain.


Causes Of Back Pain


Bad sitting posture. Photo: Havard health

The kind of work done daily might cause back pain especially individuals who do a lot of lifting, bending or twisting of the body are susceptible to back pain. Individuals who perform clerical work and sit all day at work are at risk as well, because they tend to forget good sitting posture from time to time

Weight being carried each day

Most people carry bags every day and they tend to log around heavy bags especially people that carry laptops or toolboxes. This tends to strain the back and cause back pain. Pregnant women suffer back pain because of the weight of the baby in their womb that is why soft exercises are recommended to ease the pain and discomfort.

Overweight people are also at risk of back pain because their bones are not able to support the weight of the body adequately.


Some people engage in intense exercise routines. Although exercise is good it should not be overdone especially for individuals who only work out one or two days in the week and expect to catch up magically and do five days worth of exercise.


Bad posture causes back pain especially for people who slouch or sit on chairs with weak or no support. Learn to stand up straight, stand with both legs supporting the weight of the body and remember to sit on a straight-backed chair always.

Herniated Disc

Herniated disc. Photo:

There are discs that act as a cushion for the spines vertebrae, when one of this discs becomes weak or even ruptures, this is called herniated disc and causes back pain.

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