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Flatter You: Fashion That Transcends Age, Body Size And Gender

By Christopher Ebuka (Contributor) 19 May 2019   |   2:00 pm

Fashion goes beyond the clothes you put on your back. It is attitude and confidence. What you wear could affect how you feel for the day if your confidence level is shooting through the roof or sinking in the sand.

It creates a perception not just of how people see, addresses and interact with you but, also, how you see yourself.

Finding clothes that flatter your body size could be tricky. The fit has to be right. The colour has to match the accessories and complement your skin. Also, it has to be age-appropriate.

Whether it is for a mother and daughter outing, a young girl who has decided to raid her mother’s wardrobe, an older man who wants to feel related to his teenage son, these are ways to style your everyday wardrobe to suit your age and body size.


A Kaftan is in the family of robes and tunics and has been worn, for thousands of years, in several cultures around the world for as a traditional outfit. It may be made of wool, cashmere, silk, or cotton.

For body size 0 to 8: A skinny frame when wearing free-flowing gowns, especially floor-length ones, need to create a curvy shape or an illusion. This could be achieved by cinching it at the waist with a come-along rope or an external belt for a statement.

Robe de Soiree 2017 Kaftan Design

For body size 10 and above: These body frames are already shapely. It is best not to cinch it with a belt. However, if you want to cinch, use the come-along rope to tighten it a bit.

For a younger girl, stiletto heels would work but ease off on accessorising as this could make you look older.

For an older woman, you could wear your kaftan with a floor-length skirt or trousers if you require, and accessorise with layered bangles and a turban. This would lift the effect of the whole look.


Contrary to popular opinion, a blazer is not the same as a suit jacket. A blazer is cut more casually. A blazer’s fit is essential but as time would have it with acceptable styles including oversize and androgyny, the term “fit” gets looser in this context.

For men

For older men, the fit is necessary. It is important that the shoulders, length and lapel is placed well and accordingly. The key is to stick to neutral colours like black and navy.

Blazers for older men | Photo: Pinterest

A younger man could play with the fit, especially those who are into the oversized dressing. Younger men could also play with colours; as wild as their confidence could carry.

For women

Older women should stick to fit and neutral colours. They should also play with exaggerated shoulders. Accessorising with pearls and a brooch is the sign off to the elegance you’re looking for.

Black Stretch Crepe Tie-waist Blazer | photo: MissGuided

For younger women who want to play with blazers, there is no limit in sight. A younger woman should wear an oversized fit with a fitted jean trouser and a pair of heels or sneakers. Delve into androgyny; experiment with men’s blazers and see what works for you. Colours could range from playful jewel tones to solid black.


Iro and Buba

Iro and Buba is a traditional attire worn by but not exclusive to Yoruba women.

The main parts of this attire include:

The Iro are long, rectangular, large wrap-around skirts tied around the waist and knotted. The Buba is a long-sleeved, loose-fitting blouse. The Gele is a head wrap commonly worn by Nigerian women. The Ipele is a shorter fabric tied around the waist on top of the Iro. The Iborun is a scarf that’s strategically placed on the shoulder.

Iro and Buba. | Photo: Connect Nigeria

This attire defies age and body size. However, younger women should be careful with accessorising as this could mean the thin line between looking fabulous and aged. For older women, go heavy on necklaces and bracelets. This is because it is one area where, for older women, more is better.

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