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Sandwiches: How Early Risers Can Make This Delicious Breakfast

Doctors have advised against skipping the first meal of the day. However, due to the fast life in Nigeria, most early risers tend to skip breakfast daily to save time.

According to a study from Harvard University, men who skip breakfast have a 27 per cent greater risk of heart attack or heart disease than those who do not. Although they have not pinpointed a direct cause, researchers suspect that remaining in a fasting state for longer is stressful and makes the body work harder, causing metabolic changes.

A freshly-made sandwich. Photo: Food Network

Here are quick steps towards preparing breakfast sandwiches:

Step one
Select your favourite spread-out ingredients like mustard, mayo or a barbecue sauce.

Step two
Pick out the right bread and appropriate fillings for the type of sandwich you are making. Generally, the moister the filling, the drier and denser the bread should be.

Step three
Select go-to sandwich toppings like lettuce and tomatoes although they can provide a crunchy feel. Also, note that freshness tends to lend moisture to the sandwich and, if extended over a period, are prone to wilting and could make the bread soggy. You can opt for alternatives like roasted peppers, spinach or shredded cabbage.

Step four
Spread the mayo or butter on the bread all the way to the edges. Try packing high-moisture ingredients like tomatoes, pickles and cucumbers separately. Add them to the sandwich when you are ready to eat.

Step five
For a crispy effect, you can soak thinly-sliced onions in ice water for about 20 minutes or toss sliced onions with a generous sprinkling of kosher salt to give it a welcome bite.

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