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Foods To Increase Your Libido

By Jimisayo Opanuga
07 May 2023   |   9:00 am
It is normal for people's sexual desire to rise and fall throughout their lifetimes. The challenge is that as a result of this tendency, a lot of homes have broken down and so many marriages crashed. The loss of libido owes primarily to an imbalance in the reproductive hormones estrogen and progesterone. The disorders stem…


It is normal for people’s sexual desire to rise and fall throughout their lifetimes. The challenge is that as a result of this tendency, a lot of homes have broken down and so many marriages crashed. The loss of libido owes primarily to an imbalance in the reproductive hormones estrogen and progesterone.

The disorders stem from various mid-life crises such as, mental health issues, relationship problems, hormones, Illness medication and substance abuse.

To find an effective solution to the loss of libido, it is crucial to identify the cause to enjoy a healthy sex life again. However, studies have shown that your diet can have a direct cause and also resolve your sexual desire.

To get your hormones back on track and get in the mood, it is important to feed your libido with aphrodisiacs that will improve sexual desire, fertility and healthy reproductive organs.

For females, there are food that can help improve the libidinal desires and also treat other common symptoms of menopause, including dryness, discomfort during intercourse, mood swings, night sweats and hot flashes, all of which can lead to reduced sexual desire.

Meanwhile, for males, testosterone food has been found helpful for those experiencing low libido and erectile dysfunction due to hypogonadism.

Here are some fruit and spices to help rekindle your libido:

Chocolate: Chocolate contains two chemicals that are involved in sexual arousal. The first is tryptophan, a building block of serotonin, known to enhance pleasure. The other is phenylethylamine, a stimulant related to amphetamine, which is released by the brain when people fall in love.

Asparagus: The high amount of vitamin E in asparagus can increase blood and oxygen flow to the genitals. There are also high levels of potassium, which is linked to sex hormone production.
Avocado: Avocado contains healthy unsaturated fat, which is crucial for hormone health. This fruit is rich in B-vitamin folate that produces histamine, a compound released when aroused. They can also lessen premenstrual syndrome symptoms such as fatigue, bloating and irritability.

Beetroots: Beetroots are a nutritious complement to any diet since they are high in vitamins and antioxidants. They include a lot of dietary nitrates as well, which implies they may improve your sexual performance.
Bananas: The very shape of a banana itself could be interpreted as a source of sexual mood boosting. Bananas are high in potassium, which is necessary for good blood pressure and helps stimulate erections.

Caviar: Besides its luxurious taste, caviar is celebrated around the globe for its power to fire up libido. Caviar is known to promote good blood flow while stimulating the production of sex hormones like testosterone. Caviar also contains the amino acid L-arginine, which increases blood flow, and that, in turn, is thought to increase desire as it is both rich in nutritional value and a symbol of fertility.

Cucumbers: Cucumbers are loaded with Vitamin C and manganese, which both play a role in supporting sexual health, elevating energy and increasing libido. Vitamin C specifically improves blood flow that can help erectile function. Cucumbers are also known for their undeniably erotic shape.

Figs: Not only do figs look sexy, they’re also thought to be a sexual stimulant, as they’re high in amino acids, which boost sexual stamina and increase libido.
Hemp seeds: The heart-healthy benefit of eating hemp seeds is that they can help ensure sexual arousal and orgasm because they contain Nitric oxide, which not only leads to low blood pressure, but is proven to aid in issues of blood flow associated with erectile dysfunction.

Honey: Honey contains boron, which helps regulate hormone levels and nitric oxide that helps increase blood flow during arousal. Nitric oxide also helps open up blood vessels involved in creating erections and clitoral engorgement.



Hot chilli peppers: Chilli peppers stimulate nerve endings on the tongue, which releases epinephrine (adrenaline), the chemical that increases your heart rate and releases endorphins (natural opiates found in your body). Just make sure you’re eating them and not just, like, rubbing chilli pepper on your partner’s body.

Oysters: Oysters are well-known aphrodisiacs rich in zinc, which help to regulate testosterone and also contributes to improving dopamine, a neurotransmitter connecting senses of pleasure that boosts your libido. It contains omega-3 fatty acids as well as increases blood flow in the body and prevents loss of sex drive.

Pumpkin seeds: Pumpkin seeds are a great libido booster. They are rich in omega-3 essential fatty acids, which act as a precursor of prostaglandins – hormonelike substances important for sexual health.

Pomegranate: Another historic libido booster with substance, pomegranates are extremely rich in powerful antioxidants, including punicalagin, which fight sex drive-sapping oxidative damage. Plus, daily consumption of pomegranate juice significantly increased testosterone levels in women and men,

Wine: Wine stimulates the hypothalamus, which is part of the brain responsible for your sex drive. ‘The presence of antioxidants and amines in wine, as well as endorphin release triggered by its ingestion, may play a role as well. Red wine is believed to be a stronger aphrodisiac than white.

Cinnamon: Add it to your coffee, your desserts, and even your veggies—cinnamon has long been used to help control blood pressure, improve overall alertness, and get you feeling cosy. It’s also a good source of manganese, which is thought to help increase the male sex drive.

Ginger: Ginger can improve blood flow and circulation which are some of the most common causes of erectile dysfunction and has been used in many cultures as a stimulus for desire.

Basil: Basil’s magic is in the scent, which is supposed to be stimulating and promote blood flow and probably reminds you of pizza, which is also very alluring, all things that enhance the libido. The plant has also been a symbol of love since Roman times.