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Foods To Spice Things Up During Foreplay

It’s that time of the year again when love and all it connotes takes centre stage. What this means for many is that there is a lot more to explore and a time to reawaken the excitement that was once.

In this era where people are more interested in knowing how to spice up their sex life, there are foods that hold the key to what you have been looking up.

How about saying yum to your meal and your other meal? *wink*

Red wine

Image Source: Telegraph

If you are a lover of wine, by now, you should be familiar with wines that have naughty names including foreplay. Red wine is the best alcohol to have before engaging in foreplay. Backed by research, women who drink red wine twice a day have a higher sex drive. In men, the compound called the Quercetin blocks the UGT2B17 enzyme contained in red wine causes a spike in their sex time.

Dark chocolate/Honey

Great in and out of bed, these two not only impact on our overall general excitement; it is also alluring to both male and female. While some swear by it on the body, you may want to restrict it to the lips. This is because there are people who feel sticky when the chocolate or honey dries up.



Grapes Photo credit_Live Like A Goddess

Serve your partner grapes in bed to add to the thrill. But first, place them in the freezer overnight. This will leave you ready at each moment of the way. To get satisfaction, run it over some erogenous zones.

Whipped cream

They call it a classic for a reason. Integrate it by taking it on your hand and using your finger to run through until you hit erogenous zones.

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