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Four Exciting Things To Do On A Cruise Ship

When most people plan to take a vacation they seldom consider cruise ships perhaps the film TITANIC is still etched in their subconscious of what could go wrong.
But taking a cruise is an inexplicable experience because it transports you to a world so different and far from the one you know. There are so many things to do on a cruise. Unless you have a terrible knack for sea sickness, this should definitely be on your bucket list.

Here are activities to enjoy on a cruise ship.

Fine Dining

Cruise ships offer gourmet meals prepared by the most professional chefs. These meals would cost an arm if it were on a restaurant on land. But in this case this experience if offered together with your vacation package and sometimes even free.

Enjoy A Broadway show

Broadway shows do no come cheap but on some cruise ships with the best deal you can take in the experience of a Broadway show at the cost of your cruise ticket. Or you can enjoy seeing a film under the night sky. The setting is magical that it seems you are viewing the screen while outdoors.

Interesting sports

Who says that there are no extracurricular activities on a cruise ship. The is the adrenaline pumping skydiving and surfing, there are scale-the-rope courses that is not for the jelly legged, and you can even enjoy golfing all on the cruise ship. Or you can just settle in for a day at the gym.

Enjoy the poolside

Cruise ships are equipped with breath taking swimming pools that will make you want to lounge and laze all day. You can take a swim or just lounge and soak in the sun.

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