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Four Fun Exercises For The Family

The holidays are here and most people can’t wait to hang the work boots, get some rest and loaf around on the couch even if it’s for a few days. In times like this, it is very difficult for those that have an exercise routine to stick to it and it’s almost impossible to start an exercise routine from scratch.

This is because your brain is conditioned to these words this season: food, rest and fun.

We’ve got you covered in some fun ways for the family to stay fit and healthy this season while you plan that family vacation, Christmas party or movie marathon.

  1. Make an excuse to take a walk

Walk, walk and walk people. As you kick back and relax, find reasons to step out for a stroll. Motivation comes easier when you walk in groups to give your car some rest this holiday season. If you think about it, you’ll realise that a trip to the supermarket or the hair salon might be a good opportunity to burn some calories.


  1. Have a dance-off

Music has a way of making us move even when we don’t want to. Clearing out the living room for a family dance-off routine is a great idea for the holidays. It doesn’t have to be scripted or super-organised; the important thing is that you and your family have some fun and sweat out the bad stuff. If your son or daughter has a game console, there are dancing/performance games that you can buy with amazing routines that the entire family can be a part of.


  1. Household chores

So, you might be thinking that chores are hardly any fun on a normal day. However, creating fun games and setting up a reward system can give you and your kids some motivation. Games like the fastest to fold the clothes or most arranged wardrobe might be more appealing than you think.


  1. Play movie games

This is a fun one and it can come in many variations. Try the ‘laughing game’, which is very easy to play. All you need to do is watch your favourite comedy movie or sitcom with the family and pick a particular workout routine. The rules are simple: whoever laughs during the movie has to do the routine. For example, if the family decides that the routine for the movie is planking for 30 seconds, everyone has to play the game for the length of the movie.

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