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Four Surprising Uses Of Ketchup

Adding a dash of good ol’ Ketchup to your chips is simply divine. It turns out that ketchup is not only good as a flavour but is useful for other purposes.

Here are five ways your ketchup can be used:


Getting into a swimming pool to help relax your nerves or basically have fun. Yet the chlorine can cause your blonde coloured hair to have green tints. Exposure to extreme sun conditions can also contribute to hair change. Adding ketchup to your hair is a DIY method and mild way to colour correct the hair. Leave in the hair for 20 minutes. Wash off with shampoo. Remember to wear gloves and a worn-out shirt so you don’t end up messy. Ketchup is also a good conditioner

Copper Pans

No one like to see their once-gleaming copper pans or stainless-steel pans turn brown. Spread ketchup on the copper, leave for 30 minutes. it’d produce acetic acid which will react with the copper oxide causing the brown colour. Wipe off with a cloth. If it proves stubborn, add a pinch of salt.

Shaving cream

Now, we know this won’t smell great but it is better than using water alone. Ketchup can serve as a lubricant for your shaving stick. Wash off thoroughly after shaving.

Car Shine

To add that shine to your cars old auto parts, use a ketchup. Although it does not remove dirts, using it to clean the brash areas give your auto parts the glow effect. Rub it on the part, allow it to stay for a while, repeat the process. By the second time, it should look better.

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