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Four Terrible Reasons To Get Engaged

Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson recently joined the plethora of celebrity couples when they announced their engagement after only a few weeks of dating. This speedy engagement has led fans to believe that their relationship may be moving too fast.

While people make getting married so irresistible, you need to understand that getting married is more than a wedding and you should not rush it!

Here are four reasons why you should not rush into getting engaged:

They threaten to leave

A sad young woman in the living room with a man after an argument


If your lover keeps persuading you to get engaged when you are not ready, they probably do not care for you enough to wait until you are ready. So if they threaten to leave, consider yourself spared.


All your friends are getting married

Peer pressure is one of the hardest things to live with or resist. But your friends getting married is not a valuable reason to rush into an engagement. Everyone is different. Being commensurate with your relationship is one of the worst things to do. More often than not, people who get engaged based on comparison and self-fulfilment make the wrong choice, leading to a broken marriage.

God-sanctioned sex

A black man and woman on the bed.

If you are somewhat religious and your religion or culture frowns on sex before marriage, do not rush into marriage because of sex. This is definitely something you will regret. True love waits; you should too.

Cutting costs

Being engaged means getting married and getting married means living together. Living together means sharing expenses, which means cutting costs. As thrifty as it seems, cutting costs this way is the most terrible reason to be engaged or to get married. If you need to cut costs on accommodation, get a roommate until you are ready for marriage.


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