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Four Tips For Styling An All-Black Outfit

When one thinks of an all-black ensemble, they may think of death metal and other gothic myths, but there are many reasons why black is everyone’s go-to sweetheart, from the mysterious, suave look it gives, to the fact that it is slimming. Black goes with all skin tones, all hair colours, and looks good on both sexes. It also gives off a sophisticated aura and never goes out of style.

However, wearing all-black stylishly needs a little creativity as it has a tendency to go wrong. Below are four simple tips with which one can wear all-black and look stylish.

Make sure it fits

Make sure your clothes fit properly. Black is naturally slimming and should be worn in the right sizes. Worn oversize, one risks looking clad in dreariness and depression. Worn sizes too small, one may look like they are being sucked in by a black hole.

Balance it out

One of the secrets to wearing all black is to balance out the silhouette naturally formed by mixing up the fittings. You can try a fitted bottom with a loose top, a flowing skirt with a fitted top, or fitted denim with a t-shirt and a jacket to balance out your look. There is not always a need to mix it up, though; some ensembles like the classic little black dress (LBD) are perfect the way they are.

Kerry Washington. Photo Credit:

Mix and Match

Another way to balance out the silhouette is to vary and mix-up fabrics, textures, hues, shades and tones. This provides clear distinctions so the eyes can separate the pieces and appreciate the beauty. Wearing a black chiffon top with black faux-leather bottoms looks more interesting than throwing on a black cotton top on black cotton bottoms.

Tinie Tempah. Photo Credit: Twitter


Accessories can change the game at the snap of fingers. Find classic pieces that you can switch up from time to time and experiment with to achieve multiple looks with the same outfits. After all, trends eventually fade away.

Accessorise. Photo Credit: Cheat Sheet

If you’re willing to experiment with black, here are some tips to keep your game on point.

  • Something, a colour or a pattern, should pop out like your shoes, purse, or neckties.
  • Use metallic finishes, including copper, gold or silver accessories. A gold belt, silver purse, silver cufflinks or necktie, will always go down well with your black ensemble.
  • Ladies can use makeup as an accessory. A simple change of makeup can change your black dress from more laidback formal wear to a bold dressing for a night out.
  • Show a little skin, like your arms, legs and shoulders.
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