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Funny Fashion Fads Of The Past

Fashion is an ever vibrant phenomenon as its changes with time as what used to be fashionable in the 90’s is no longer in vogue in the 20th century. Fashion is often related to trends about clothing, footwear, hair, makeup and accessories at the particular period.

Trends in fashion in itself does not exist in isolation has it’s influenced by various factors like music, celebrities styles, weather, era, influencers, music or the political environment.

There have been some fashion trends that were quite impressive while on the flip side some fashion styles have left us laughing. Below are various funny fashion styles that are quite hilarious:

  • Crinolines
  • Black teeth
  • Macaronis
  • Hobble Skirts
  • Extreme shoulder pads



Image credit: Five minutes history

Crinoline is a stiffened petticoat worn by women to make their skirt standout. In order to achieve the perfect skirt, crinoline is often worn under six petticoats which are bulky and quite uncomfortable to wear. Crinoline was popularly worn under ballroom gowns, wedding gowns or skirts.

The crinoline is made from horsehair, wood, or steel. The crinoline gives the wearer the appearance of bigger hips.


Black Teeth

Queen Elizabeth I

Image credit: Tudors Dynasty

Black teeth became quite a fashion trend because of Queen Elizabeth I. The Queen had a soft spot for sweets which resulted in tooth decay.

The state of Queen Elizabeth’s blackened teeth soon became a symbol of status amongst members of the nobility, has only the wealthy had access to sweets and sugar at that period.




Image credit: Velvet limelight

Macaronis became quite popular amongst aristocratic Englishmen who wore bright colours, tall wigs, and very tight clothing.


Hobble Skirts

Hobble skirt

Image credit: Wright

Hobble skirts are extremely tight ankle-length skirts popularly worn by women during the height of 90’s. The humour to this fashion style is that women could not move properly because of the restriction of the hobble skirt.


Extreme Shoulder Pads

Shoulder pads

Image credit: Pinterest

Shoulder pads have been a regular part of the fashion world but in retrospect, the exaggerated shoulder pads are sure to crack you up with laughter.

There will always be a fashion style to give us a good laugh and a fashion style that will inspire you to up your own own game.

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