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Handling The Drama Of Being 25 And Unmarried

When you pass the age of 25, becoming married automatically appears on your list of expectations. This might appear from people who should care less about your marital status orwhat you choose to do with your personal life. All they do is remind you of how serious the preservation of your family lineage is or the limitation of your biological clock.

Some of us let this pressure get to us, usually forcing us into settling with the wrong spouse. Getting married and staying married should be the objective and, for this to be accomplished, choosing the ideal companion is extremely important.

So if you are over 25 and unmarried, here are five tips to help you deal with the pressure:

Own it!The sole fact here is that you are not married. You are not a criminal; you are simply single! If you become offended at this valid remark every time someone makes it, then you are living in denial. Own your status.

Look at it from an angle of concern

Thinking. Photo: Iwaria

Some of these “good intention” questioners are plain amebos trying to make a jest of you or get inside gist. But also note that many of them are genuine from their own point of view. Think of it as their own way of showing you they care.

Know what you want

Being single is an opportunity to work on yourself. It is not a time to feel pity for your existence or waste your years. Know what you want and why you are single. Own it, work on it, live it and be proud of who you are. Do not sway under the pressure.

It is not a race

Single lady. Photo: The Trent

“Do your own make I do my own.” Nothing in life is a race, not even marriage. Do what makes you happy and comfortable. Marrying the wrong person can take a toll on your life. You are better off taking your time and going at your own pace.

Stay away from people who do not respect your decisions

If your friends like you, they must respect your decision. If you are surrounded by friends who will always tell you ‘ah, do quick, you don’t have time again’, then you need to change that crowd. Nobody should be with people who are trying to get them to do things they are not ready to do.

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