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Here Are 5 Ways To Manage Stress

Stress is a constant in every school, workplace and even households. Stress is a feeling of emotional or physical tension and it can come from any event or thought that makes you feel frustrated, angry, or nervous.

Stress can affect your mood, productivity and general outlook on life so it is important that you develop ways to keep it in check and prevent its effects.


Here are a few ways you can tackle stress

Get Adequate Sleep

A lack of sleep is a significant cause of stress. Unfortunately, stress also interrupts our sleep as thoughts keep whirling through our heads, stopping us from relaxing enough to fall asleep. So you need to stop any mentally demanding work hours before going to bed so that you give your brain time to calm down.

Engage in Physical Activity

Running partners. Photo_ Shoppe Black

Whenever you feel stressed and tense, go for a brisk walk in fresh air. Try to incorporate some sort of physical activity into your daily routine on a regular basis, either before or after work. Regular physical activity will also improve the quality of your sleep.

Avoid Stimulants and Depressants

Avoid, or at least reduce, your consumption of nicotine and any drinks containing caffeine and alcohol. Caffeine and nicotine are stimulants and so will increase your level of stress rather than reduce it.

Try Relaxation Techniques

There are various relaxation techniques that help to alleviate stress so try a few and see what works best for you. However, meditation is highly recommended as it keeps you in a calm mental state where you feel relaxed.

Talk to Someone

Couple on Sofa. Photo: Rodale wellness

Merely opening up to someone about how you feel can be helpful. Talking can work by either distracting you from your stressful thoughts or releasing some of the built-up tension by discussing it.


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