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Here Is What To Know About Adam’s Apple

Adam’s apple.

The name sure has a nice ring to it, probably why it stuck till date. There are some things, you, however, should know about Adam’s apple.

Adams apple. Photo: deviatart

Medical name

Yes, it does have a name, even with how suitable the term Adam’s apple is. The medical name for it is laryngeal prominence. The ‘prominence’, a growth in the larynx (voice box), is a part of the changes that occur during puberty, whereby the front of the thyroid cartilage that surrounds the larynx tends to protrude outwards.

Religious inclination

The phrase Adam’s apple was derived from the bible story of Adam, Eve and the Garden of Eden. The story is told that when Eve gave Adam the forbidden fruit to eat, the fruit got stuck in his throat and never went down. The story continues to get better, following that the stuck fruit still shows itself generations after Adam, probably to remind people of what their first father did. As plausible as that might seem, Adam’s apple indicates nothing religious or food related, it is purely the larynx.

Men and women?

This only applies to males alone. Females do undergo changes in their voice box. However, the degree of laryngeal growth is not as significant because the deepness of a male’s voice is not quite achieved in a female. Regardless, a few women do have Adam’s apple, in some cases, it is caused by an increased amount of testosterone.

Medical concern

This feature causes no health problems. It is basically a bulge resulting from extra cartilage on the front of the thyroid cartilage. The extra cartilage affects you in no way. Located at the base of your neck, it is responsible for the overall metabolic functioning of the body.

Attractive or what?

This has apparently become an added point in masculine sexiness. For some persons, this feature of the human neck is something to look out for, basing on the availability of surgery to enhance one’s ‘apple’. While for other, it is what it is, seeing that it can also be reduced surgically.

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